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New Podcast Recommendations

by , May 24, 2012 | 4:11 pm

So many new podcasts. At least the voices in our heads are staying fresh … and there really is more news and analysis related to poker and gaming and casinos and gambling than you can read all over the internet.

Some shows I recently found and/or enjoyed … you may want to give a listen, and perhaps bookmark for recurring download:

Poker Fraud Alert Forum Radio — I try to steer clear of industry love triangles, but sometimes can’t avoid the latest Donkdown breakup story. New and clique-worthy from Druff and Drexel: the pilot episode of their version of the old show, complete with real newschat about a botched pepper-spray robbery for Bellagio cranberries (as per plans hatched on Craigslist), the felony arrest of alleged exposed Vegas scammer Peter Falcone, and informed tangential discussion of female biology on, off, and under the table.

Vegas Gang Podcast — Pub-style virtual roundtable, featuring gaming industry wonks talking about non-poker casino numbers and constructions stories with a little history and on-air smoking.

CEM Audio Edge — Twitter’s @GamingCounsel (and Pokerati’s own non-binding legal correspondent) Stu Hoegner takes the mic at Casino Enterprise Management for a guest hosting gig and Jersey-style cage match with DC lobbyist and iMega chieftain Joe Brennan, Jr.

UNLV Gaming Podcast — Dr. David Schwartz’s advanced study of degen living, aka UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research, provides statistical data set to audio, and sometimes featuring research fellows presenting their findings on matters like, on the episide I heard, the sociology of gambling expansion.

Jersey Gaming Shores

by , May 1, 2012 | 5:30 am

Joe Brennan, Jr., the head of iMEGA, and I are appearing on a show for CEM Audio Edge on Thursday, May 24th at 2 pm Central time (3 pm Eastern, noon Pacific, etc.). The link for the show and a description of it is here.

Joe and I will be discussing gaming—including Internet gaming—developments in New Jersey. I think this is going to be a fascinating program. As many of you already know, Joe is a highly knowledgeable and well-spoken resource on what is happening in US gaming law and policy, especially so with respect to New Jersey. I know that you may well have questions about what’s happening in New Jersey, about its ‘opening up’ to Internet gaming licensure, about how its landscape compares with Nevada, and other matters. This will be a fantastic opportunity to put your questions straight to Joe to learn more about what’s happening in this jurisdiction.

Tune in live to the program on the 24th (through the link in this message) and call in with questions. I’m not sure you’ll have a better opportunity to engage on these issues with a more informed person than Joe.