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Over Before It Started

by , Jul 10, 2011 | 5:00 am

Quote of the Series – Player in a cash game complaining to a dealer about how badly he deals… Dealer says to player, “If we switched seats, we would both make more money.”
Things I won’t miss after leaving the WSOP
  1. The piece of paper that has been on the 18th-floor ice machine for 45 days that says “Temporarily out of Order”.
  2. Players talking about dealers as if the dealer isn’t there.
  3. The 14th floor button always lit up when I enter the Masquerade Tower elevators. (As mentioned above, I was on the 18th floor.)
  4. People bumping into me and not saying anything.
  5. Players with horrible smokers breath sitting right next to me and wanting to talk and belly laugh my direction.
  6. Award ceremonies (with me not in them).
  7. A $10 food voucher and $12 worth of food.
  8. The announcement, “attention all time game dealers, at the end of this hand please collect time”.
  9. After above announcement, 3 or 4 players in each game saying “we just paid time”…yep we did ½ hour ago.
  10. People whose name I don’t know asking me for money, and then, not asking me for my phone number so they can find me to repay me.
  11. Losing 1 to 1,000 to Michalski.
  12. The phrase “Is Pepsi OK”?

Things I enjoyed at the WSOP:

  1. Getting more involved in Twitter and the laughs I got along the way.  Insert shameless plug here.  I’m Donkeybomber on Twitter.
  2. Award ceremonies celebrating others’ victories and the National Anthem.
  3. Seeing good friends that I only see once each year.
  4. Playing Chinese poker on all breaks. (I’m still owed some money by people.)
  5. Swordfish piccata at Buzios.  Their food got good again.
  6. Dinner at offsite places Herbs and Rye, the best chicken alfredo ever and Pho Kim Long…love Chinese poker and Chinese food.
  7. $10 Food Vouchers…I know, I’m complicated.

See you next year at the WSOP.

Racener Backpedals (a Little) on Accusations of Sorel Mizz-conduct

On Record (Part II)

by , Feb 22, 2011 | 3:12 pm

Pokerati just received the following “official statement” via email from John Racener regarding his accusation that Sorel Mizzi slipped himself a joker in a private headsup Chinese Poker match at the PCA.

“Though I stand by my original claims of cheating on Sorel’s part, I feel that it was extremely irresponsible to make statements regarding Sorel’s mental state at the time and immediately following the incident. After much thought, I realize now that taking such matters to a public forum is dangerous and can be detrimental to the person that is being talked about. I also should not have allowed the matter to be addressed by a third party in a public forum. I look forward to putting this incident far behind me. This matter is being dealt with between Sorel and I, and I consider the topic to be closed.”

It appears that we should not be expecting a debut 2p2 post from Racener in the dramabomb Deeb thread after all.

On Record: John Racener Accuses Sorel Mizzi of Chinese Poker Cheat

Shaun Deeb posts; Sorel responds; Racener speaks to QuadJacks

by , | 9:18 am

Shaun Deeb created a thread this past Saturday that is destined to test the limits of the 2p2 forum server performance; Deeb titled it -> “Sorel allegedly bottom dealing vs john racener.” Deeb posted this bombshell on behalf of John Racener, asserting that Sorel Mizzi bottom-dealt a joker during a headsup Chinese Poker match in Racener’s room at the PCA. This is directly from his post:

“So sorel and John during pca were doing lots of gambling towards the end of the trip sorel says lets play chinese and says we should also play with a joker. They also did some weird scoring when whoever won most pts/hands every 10 hands the winner gets 5k, sorel had tried to bump up the stakes a few times as well to might higher. So they are rotating the deal and the dealer gets the 14th card in 1 of their hands.

Racener has played a ton of live poker so he tends to know procedure and what to look for. He notices sorels shuffling is leaving the 2 bottom cards in place they haven’t moved from the deck. As he starts to deal he notices the first card he deals himself is the bottom card of the deck. He keeps watching sorel and once he’s done dealing john says hes going take the hand with 14 cards in it sorel goes into a tantrum saying it’s his hand his deal.

John says I know what you were doing picks up the 14 card pile and shows the bottom card which is the joker. He tells sorel he’s not paying him whatever amount hes down 5-20k and that he’s a scumbag etc.”

Sorel (“Imper1um”), who just recently got his FTP account “unbanned” after a multi-accounting inquiry, posted a response to the accusation on page 20 of Deeb’s thread, and gives this version of the story:

“We were doing random 50:50 flips and playing Chinese poker freezeouts (whoever was up after 10 hands wins 5k-10k, i think?) with 2 jokers where we would both deal a deck and we take turns having a hand with 14 cards (and get to discard one). I was up 3-1 (effectively 10k) in the Chinese game. Since we didn’t know each other that well we agreed it would be best to settle after every game so we both had chips and cash.

The current game we were playing was for 10k, he had finished setting both of his hands and looked back at the first hand he had set to change it. It’s def against the rules in criss-cross Chinese so I told him it wasn’t allowed. His reaction was super defensive and sensitive, I didn’t think what he did was that big a deal but I just thought I’d point it out to him because most people I play Chinese with know it’s a nono simply because you can set your first hand better with knowledge of what you had in your second hand.

A few hands later he stopped me after the deal and told me that he wanted my 14 card hand. I told him he couldn’t because it was my turn to have the 14 card hand. He grabbed the hand and freaked out when he saw that the joker was around the bottom of the deck (3-6 cards in not first bottom card like Shaun reports). He started going off on how he saw me deal the joker from the bottom of the deck. I yelled back and him and told him he was wrong blah blah blah. Went on for about 5 minutes and then John decided to quit in the middle of our 10k game with me up around 15-20 points after 4-5 hands and demanded I paid him back all the money I won from the trip from all the other stuff we bet on.”

Marco Valerio of released an audio interview early this morning where Racener goes fully on-on-on record, verifying all of what Deeb said. This – worth a listen, folks.

In the audio, Racener claims that Sorel attempted to get him drunk at a nightclub before making a move to cheat him. He states Sorel offered him percentage of tourney action to keep quiet, tried to blame a prescription drug problem as an excuse for the alleged incident, “cryingly” (?) begged via multiple phone calls and now-deleted texts to not mention it, and said finally he might kill himself if this incident surfaced. Racener relays that although he would have normally “cold-cocked him (Sorel) right upside the head”, he thought it safer to get away from him in the moment given the scenario.

Racener says he plans on posting a statement himself on the 2p2 within the next 24 hours, after creating an account in order to relate his story personally.

13 More Minutes with Tom

Advanced Chinese Poker

by , Aug 19, 2009 | 10:54 am

Part 2 of his tutorial with Kristy Arnett … this time Schneider talks about how to play “royalties” and deuce-to-seven in the middle … along with some additional strategy to out-point your opponents.

10 Minutes with Tom

How to Play Chinese Poker

by , Aug 18, 2009 | 12:47 am

It was dinner break on Day 7 of the main event — and hoping to finalize our patch deal with the really big money (and camera time) getting nearer, I joined Tom Schneider, along with Julie and Robert Goldfarb, at a Vietnamese restaurant with less than 30 minutes before play resumed. But alas, so much for Team Pokerati cracking the top 50 … all they wanted to do was play Chinese for $10 a point.

Here’s his latest instructional vid, teaching Kristy Arnett how to play everybody’s favorite 13-card game:

Instapoker: Legal Matters, Malaysian Ladies, and Phelps’ Vices

by , May 13, 2009 | 7:56 am

Been gathering a few gems over the past week…

Lawsuits are so easy and fun. Well, ask Clonie and she might deliver a different response, but that hasn’t stopped the lawyers in other cases from filing some very poker-centric lawsuits.

Gambling Times Inc. has filed suit against Scott Lazar, executive producer of Deal, the almost-embarrassing poker movie that flopped (pun inevitable) in movie theaters in 2008. According to super reputable tabloid TMZ, Gambling Times Inc. was promised prominent product placement in the film, and for the lack of it is suing Lazar for $1 million, about ten times more than what the movie garnered in revenue.


No Chinese at the WSOP?

by , Jun 3, 2008 | 3:41 pm

You may think the price of gas is high (I filled my first $50 tank in my personal history of owning an automobile the other day) but that’s nothing compared to the price of Chinese Poker at the WSOP.

Weren’t we just saying last year how this was one of the hottest games going? Well apparently that was a problem … as WSOP cash games management has made the cost of playing highly prohibitive — a $50 per hour time charge. You’d think we’d be all up in the Chinese these days … not just because of the game’s growing popularity, but also because of the Olympics and everyone’s going ga-ga over Macau. The game is still technically being spread, but again, at that level of time charge, these games will be limited to players willing to gamble-gamble at $100/pt. or more.

Supposedly it has much to do with space — but there was an empty high-stakes cash table available at the time of our learning about this. (The 7-stud players joked about how at $25 a point, everyone would be broke within a few hours.) Gotta wonder if there might not be more to it — after all, there’s no shortage of whities (and even a few viets that I know) who accuse various Asian contingents of high-stakes Chinese Poker players (as opposed to Chinese poker players) of regularly violating the English Only rules and engaging in other forms of nefarious card play.

$5 a point Chinese at the Venetian

by , Apr 3, 2008 | 7:24 am

Low-stakes mixed games are popping up around town, and the Venetian will spread Chinese Poker for $5 a point — $150 should be plenty to play with — and the house rakes on a time charge.

The game isn’t running 24/7 of course, but if you ask to put your name on an interest list for the game, they’ll know what you are talking about, and considering that Chinese is played 4-handed, it shouldn’t take long to fill a table.

Round-Eye Poker

by , Feb 16, 2008 | 2:28 pm

Last week was the Chinese New Year — we’re in the year of the Rat — and to celebrate, CardPlayer had Tom Schneider explain to all the white kids out there how to play what has never really been known as the Yellow Game.

ALT HED: I miss Sang.

Click here to watch Uncle Tom’s video lesson
about properly arranging your cards in Chinese Poker.

Braising Arizona

by , Aug 14, 2007 | 11:39 am

SCOTTSDALE, AZ–As I make my way back to Texas, I heard there was a big Chinese Poker game taking place in the Valley of the Sun, on a table made of suede no less, so I had to go check it out. Donkey Bomber was at the table — fresh off a plane from North Carolina, and frankly, a little shocked to see me there having not applied for media credentials through him — as was two-time bracelet winner Pat Poels, a dude named Rocky, Pokerati’s newest sexy blogger Big Robert, and Jesse McGinty … a Chinese Poker champion who apparently gets no love from CardPlayer, journalistic or otherwise. He won the inaugural $5,000 “Grinder” Chinese Poker Championship at Planet Hollywood (taking home about $50k) … but try to find mention of him in the magazine and it’s near impossible, even though CP was all over this event. (Was I the only one who went to a J-School that gave us an automatic F if we misspelled a name?) Also find it curious that Bluff didn’t include this Chinese Poker tournament in their rankings — even though it was a $5k event, which is the line they use — and vehemently defend — to determine which tourneys matter.

Anyhow, it’s starting to become clear to me … the Arizona Posse gets no respect. No wonder they are all so angry all the time.

The Chinese contingent of the Arizona Posse: (L to R) Robert Goldfarb, Jesse McGinty, Pat Poels, Nekpal Singh, and Tom Schneider.

They were playing $25-a-point (with royalties), which would grow to $50-a-point and then $100-a-point and then betting on drawing seven cards at random from the deck and making the best five-card hand. (I almost bought into that action. In fact, now that I think about it, getting 4:1 on $50 with no skill disadvantage … probably a mistake not to.) Learned a lot about playing Chinese from these guys. For example, I had no idea you could play five-handed with two decks, but you can! And when I questioned their use of non-Kem/Copag cards — they went with the more papery Bicycles — it was not because they were cheap, but because 100-percent plastic cards are a little too slick for optimal Chinese splays. Who knew!?!

(The AZ-Posse, that’s who.)

The Bellagio-like spread health-conscious buffet at Casa de Goldfarb.

Though I left before the game broke, McGinty seemed to be the guy to beat, as he was up a couple thousand dollars by 2 am.

CardPlayer’s non-embeddable video coverage of the event won by the Irish Italian guy above. Click to watch.

Phil Ivey vs. Phil Hellmuth

by , Apr 10, 2007 | 6:50 am

Semi-related … Click here to read Hellmuth’s firsthand account of losing $500,000 to Ivey in Chinese poker.

Feng Shui Has Its Place in Poker

by , Mar 13, 2007 | 2:19 am

Feng Shui, as defined by me, is putting things in places and doing things that create an environment for peace and prosperity. Is that the real definition? Hell I don’t know, but I do know some people that practice Feng Shui and they worry about whether the front door leads right out to the back door (which tells them that there money will do the same thing, go right out the door).

What does this have to do with poker? There is one game where putting things in the right place is the only thing you have to worry about…Chinese Poker. It’s called Chinese Poker because it is a lot of fun to play while eating Chinese food. Really, try it.

Chinese Poker has taken off in my hometown of Phoenix. We can’t seem to get enough of it.