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Bookies, Dumpsters and Mavericks (Ep 11)

by , Jun 13, 2011 | 12:50 am

Life’s not all about poker, right? Dan and Dr. Pauly head over to the sportsbook to watch the NBA Finals and chat about sportsbooks along the way…

2011 WSOP – Episode 11: Bookies, Dumpsters, and Mavericks (5:16) – Dan and Pauly ditch the action at the WSOP and wander over to the sportsbook to watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals, because Pauly bet the Mavs, which is also Dan’s hometown team. Dan asks Pauly to describe some of the complexities of sportsbetting, both in Vegas and in the shady underworld of online bookies.

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Flashback ’06: Dallas Mavericks Play Poker

by , Jun 4, 2011 | 3:01 pm

mark cuban premier pokerstars dallas mavericks

Mark Cuban may have been willing to take heat from the NBA, but not so much the DOJ.

Back in the early poker-boom days, it became well-known around higher stakes circles in Dallas that a few of the Mavericks liked to play Texas Hold’em. Thus it was no surprise, back in ’06, when Mark Cuban and the Mavs did business with This was before the UIGEA, mind you … so the poker industry as we know knew it was still taking shape. But already the standard was becoming that dot-net was acceptable to advertise, dot-com was not. (The Feds had just seized a few million dollars from the Discovery Channel network, parent to the Travel Channel, for ill-gotten ad revenues from Paradise Poker … dot com.) Thus, though few recognized it at the time, it was kinda a big deal when Cuban was willing to *go rogue* and use his NBA basketball team to advertise the web domain with higher affiliate conversion rates.

(I seem to recall that deal lasted only a few months, if not less; not confirmed though.)

Anyhow, a little flashback to a more innocent era … reminding us where we (as in poker) were just five years ago. Nolan Dalla, then a representative for PokerStars, sat down to explain the difference between dot-com and dot-net, long before poker sites would learn the true power of a dot-gov. You’ll have to excuse the added music … I was still learning how podcasts worked at the time. And poker for that matter:

jason terry pokerstars

Jason Terry began dreaming of Championship rings and WSOP bracelets thanks to

From Pokerati, May 2006 (Maverick Poker, Take 2)

OK, so the Mavericks are in the playoffs. And not only do the Mavs kick ass … but also they love poker. You’ll notice plenty of advertising and sponsorial relationships between the team and online poker sites. But what you may or may not notice is that while ESPN, Fox Sports, GSN, Travel Channel, et al. run ads for nameyourpokersite.NET … the Mavs advertise the previously declared illegal (by the U.S. Justice Dept.) dot-COM varieties.

WSOP 2011 Bonus: the Tupac Edition

WSOP Fantasy Draft: Whom Should I Pick?

by , May 20, 2009 | 3:11 pm

Ahh, it seems like only yesterday 25 years ago that the Dallas Mavericks had to choose between Sam Perkins and Charles Barkley … (Hakeem Olajuwan, Sam Bowie, and Michael Jordan had all gone before them.)

This year I’ll be taking part in ESPN’s fantasy WSOP draft … so with that, I’ve got to pick some players, preferably those who will perform. Personally, I’ve got my eye on a Dallas girl named Sara Chau to surprise a lot of people … but since she will likely only be playing a few events (unless, of course, she makes a big score early), she wouldn’t be a great pick. At the same time, you know me … I’m not gonna go with the traditionals — Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, et al (though I do think Erick Lindgren would be a fine pick) — and I’d probably be too embarrassed to reveal my fanboy leanings for Clonie Gowen, Tom Schneider, and Gregg Merkow. Plus, really, no offense to those three, but they just don’t give me proper odds, ya know?

Anyhow, please share with me any thoughts or suggestions about players who seem to be on their game and ready to tear it up in the 2009 WSOP.

BTW, does anyone remember who the Mavs took with their second first-round pick in 1984? Terence Stansbury. (Highlight the white space for the answer.)