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Rumorati: PokerStars Buying PokerPages

+ other poker media shifts, lawsuits, and shutdowns

by , Dec 14, 2009 | 4:29 am

Unconfirmed … but that’s the word we’re spreading, based on possibly drinky information from a semi-reliable source, a presumably reliable source, and a plausibly reliable source.

The status of PokerPages has been up in the air ever since they announced they’d be closing up shop effective Oct. 31. That day passed and they still kept publishing — and even sent two reporters to cover the November Nine. But no original content has been put up on the site since Dec. 3. Everyone was expecting some sort of sale, and now that has apparently gone through.

PokerPages, of course, is one of the oldest poker information sites on the internet — having reported on tournaments since 2000 … and having built a massive tourney/player/results database in the process.

What PokerStars plans to do with a site they haven’t yet told many people they’ve bought (or intend to buy) remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the transition from NeverwinPoker to Donkdown seems complete — with the old NWP forums successfully transfered over to their new home. Donkdown is now a Bryan Micon and Todd Witteles (aka “Dan Druff”) joint, with no more Tony G or Dustin Woolf, who is now the lone face for his namesake site.

Speaking of forums … 2+2 honcho Mason Malmuth has sued Dutch Boyd (and a guy named Anthony Scocozza) over domain squatting issues.

Oh, and our once-superbeloved … yeah, they’re apparently gone. For at least the past week, visiting the site gives you this message:

Fatal error: Table ‘./pokerblog/cache’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired query: SELECT data, created, headers FROM cache WHERE cid = ‘variables’ in /home/pokerblogcom/public_html/includes/ on line 66

R.I.P. Yeah, seems kinda appropriate. PokerBlog was/is a PartyPoker operation … but now they seem to be focussing blogging efforts on their more official company blog.

UPDATE: PokerBlog is back. Looks like we can expect some WPT coverage there.

(Way) Outside the WSOP – Day 20

by , Jun 15, 2009 | 6:45 am

Johnny F’ing Chan Going for Bracelet #11

The $10,000 NL Holdem Heads-Up World Championship has 8 players remaining who return at 2pm Monday to determine the winner. Here’s the matchups for the quarterfinals, which will also air on ESPN360 and for those outside the US:

Leo Wolpert v Dustin Woolf
Jamin Stokes v Johnny Chan

Nathan Doudney v Bryan Pellegrino
John Duthie v Stephen O’Dwyer

Simmons Looking to be the Poker Guy

Joe Simmons starts day 3 of the $1,500 NL Holdem event as the chip leader (1,100,000) with 27 players playing down to a winner. You can take a look at who else is left at this link.

Tran Riding the PLO Train

J.C. Tran (176,900) is the chip leader at the start of Day 2 of the $2,500 Pot-Limit Omaha event, with 61 players remaining, only 45 get paid. Chad Layne (106,000), John Juanda (85,300), Ross Boatman (75,000) and Phil Ivey (56,600) are among the notables who return at 2pm today.

Sebastien Rings the Belle for Day 2 HORSE

Sabic Sebastien leads the field of 220 who return at 2pm today of the $1,500 HORSE event with 72,700 in chips. Marco Traniello (55,000) Andy Black (54,300), Jean Gaspard, (40,300), Ming Lee (32,500) Fabrice Soulier (32,200), and Vanessa Rousso (30,900) make up some of the notables returning to the baize.

Monday’s Tournaments and Projections

The noon tournament today is the $2,000 NL Holdem event which was won last year by Blair Hinkle in a field of 1,344 for just over $500,000. The 5pm tournament is another World Championship event, this time it’s $10,000 Limit Holdem, which was won last year by Rob Hollink in a field of 218 for almost $500,000.

The WSOP Staff Guide projects 1,344 for the $2,000 NL event (take the under for 1,275), while the $10,000 Limit Holdem event is projected for 229 (take the slightly under for 210).

Check back at Pokerati frequently for more updates during the day.

(Way) Outside the WSOP (Day 2 Evening Update)

by , May 31, 2008 | 7:30 pm

What I’ve been doing while waiting anxiously for Jeffrey Pollack’s next blog post:

Day 1a of the $1,500 almost sold out, as over 2,000 started play. The play was fast and furiousEarlier this evening there was about 400 spots left for Sunday’s day 1b field, giving the appearance that the overall field will top 4,000 (beating the WSOP prelim record by over 800). The tournament went on its dinner break after level 6 about an hour ago; tournament staff decided play will end with either 225 left or 4 more levels whichever comes first. Contrary to what happened yesterday, someone did receive a 1-orbit penalty for CALLING with the nuts (recall yesterday a player checked down a royal flush and only got a warning).

Day 2 of the $10k PL Holdem event is in the hand-for-hand stage as there’s 37 left, with 36 hitting the pay window. Patrik Antonius, Eli Elezra, Phil Laak, Mike Sexton, Mark Newhouse and Dustin Woolf are among those still in the field at the time of posting.

8:20 Edit: Scratch Newhouse from that list, he finishes in 30th.
More from the rest of the Pokerati staff later tonight…

Together Again

by , | 4:26 pm

As friends, I mean. Mark Newhouse and Dustin “Neverwin” Woolf have had a feud that dates back over a year regarding money borrowed/stolen/used/owed. Last year’s WSOP was an especially low point for the former friends, as Newhouse made somewhat of a scene from the ropes when Woolf was playing in an event. Newhizzle spelled it all out in a blog post on Wise Hand.

Last I heard, Newhouse was telling me at the L.A. Poker Classic that he was contacting a lawyer to settle the situation and get his money back.

Evidently, the drama is water under the bridge because the two look to be buddies again. On a break from Day 2 of the $10k PLH tournament, where both remain in the field with less than 50 players left, they were chatting all the way out to the smoking lounge. Awww.

Re: PokerStars shuts down player’s account

by , Aug 17, 2007 | 6:50 pm

Sounds like our friends at Neverwin are fast becoming the Bang Bros. of Poker. Prior to the reported high-five-figures+stock-options sale of their website to the Tony G Syndicate, Dustin Woolf got called out by Mark Newhouse for allegedly owing him some big bucks. This wasn’t just a web-forum spat, it affected play in a live WSOP event … with Newhouse screaming across the tournament floor for his cash and Neverwin calling officials to have him removed from the rail.

Now a frozen online account. Dude, party on.

Pokerstars shuts down player’s account

by , | 4:44 pm

WCP has posted the story on Dustin “Neverwin” Woolf and the closing of his pokerstars account. Apparently they are closing accounts that have been “shared” (multiple players using the same account).

This is nothing like the rumor I heard of a guy walking into an apartment to find two guys playing four accounts in the same online cash game. I’ve been warned many times by pros and online industry people to stick with heads up and multi-table tournaments.

Beyond Beyond the Table

by , Apr 24, 2007 | 1:14 am

As mentioned below, Tom is doing rather well in the WPT Championship after Day 2. (This could be the tournament my fantasy team needs! Don’t let me down, guys, I got $20 riding on your results!)

Here is some plausibly interesting raw audio of my two Beyond the Table cohorts recapping Day 1 — with intense, hardcore hand histories to boot:

Tom Schneider/Karridy Askenasy4/22/07

Highlights below:


Re: Pokerati at the Tables

by , Mar 25, 2007 | 8:22 pm

So as Karridy tells us, Tom has had a successful Day 1 so far at the WPT World Poker Challenge in Reno, nearly tripling his stack. Sweet. It’s still early, so lots of people are still alive. But I couldn’t help but notice that Clonie is also kicking ass, as is Chantel McNulty* … and her old beau Dustin “Neverwin” Woolf. Juicy. And speaking of juicy, Karridy’s favorite Texas man-with-big-hands, TJ Cloutier, is alive and fine with a slightly below-average chip stack.

I wonder how many days Tom will have to survive before CardPlayer (which so far seems to have the best coverage of this event) will take note. From CP:

Sun Mar 25 12:06:00 PDT 2007
Big Names in the Field
The Big names that have already been spotted are: Barry Greenstein, Joe Sebok, Mike Matusow, Daniel Negreanu, Ted Forrest, Erick Lindgren, Victor Ramdin, Barry Shulman, Chau Giang, Clonie Gowen, David Singer, David Williams, Devin Porter, Gavin Smith, JC Tran, Nam Le, James Van Alstyne, John Juanda, Layne Flack, Michael Mizrachi, Phil Laak, Ralph Perry, Sean McCabe, and Bill Edler.

UPDATE (10 pm pacific): Clonie is out. Chantel still kicking butt. Tom just took a huge hit, but I don’t know much about it, because CP doesn’t pay attention to his cards.

UPDATE UPDATE: Text from Tom (at 10:34 pm pacific) says, “Fuck everyone im out”. Yikes, dude, sorry. Interestingly, the CardPlayer Live Updates did not take note of Tom’s exit. I am typing this extra small because I don’t think this is the sorta thing he would really want to hear right now.