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Miami John and Some Other Old Guy on Limit vs. No-Limit

by , Feb 13, 2010 | 3:26 am

Since the last time we wrote about him he was keeling over at the table, it’s our pleasure to show a better, more-capacitated view of Miami John Cernuto — talking to Matt Savage after being the technical winner (he chopped) of the LAPC’s Event #28, $545 Limit Hold’em.

It was one of the few disappointing field sizes at the LAPC: 71 players, 9 paid.

In this winner’s video, Cernuto and 2nd place finisher Edwin Smith discuss not the $18,000 they split up, but limit vs. no-limit and whether or not you’ll see a resurgence (or the continued decline) of tournaments with far fewer all-ins:

Also: kudos to Tom Schneider for taking 6th and an $1,870 prize. That’s almost enough for a rebuy in a real 21st century poker event, lol.

I’ll Bet: This field probably provided fewer tweets from the felt than any other event at the LAPC.