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WSOP-Elsewhere: Energy Shots

by , Jun 9, 2010 | 1:12 am

Check it out … I’m not sure they can sell these in the Rio because of the deal with Red Bull, but at least one gas-station mini-mart near Pokerati headquarters is getting in on the World Series action with a new rack display of WSOP-branded energy shots.

According to Danielle, a partially tattooed graveyard-shift clerk, they’ve actually been selling quite well. “Better than other ones we’ve had in that same spot,” she says. “They say they taste better or something. Without that bad stuff at the end.”

All In Energy Drink All Over the Market

by , Dec 20, 2008 | 12:51 am

It seems that All In Energy Drink is getting recognized in non-poker markets. Who knew?

The Examiner recently took notice of the Johnny Chan-sponsored drink, and it’s getting good reviews. In the Caffeine Examiner column, Big Red Boots (the caffeine guru, evidently) reviewed the grape and citrus concoctions of All In Energy Drink with the following results on a scale where 10 is the highest score:

Tasty grape poker themed drink keeps your game face from sagging:
Taste: 7
Nutrition/Buzz: 8
Packaging: 8
Website: 9

Citrus poker energy drink puts fear in competition:
Packaging: 8
Nutrition/Buzz: 8
Taste: 8
(Assuming the same website gets the same rating, it would be a 9.)

All In on Chan and a Draw

Go Energy Drinks!

by , Jun 10, 2008 | 1:50 pm

Johnny Chan is so serious about making All In Energy Drink a success that he has dyed his hair red and is throwing a tournament that almost sounds too good to be true.

You know that feeling when you shove all-in with nothing … You’re pretty sure it was the right play, but you’re nervous it wasn’t, but even then oh well, because if your read was off at least you’ve got two live little unders working on your behalf?

Uh-huh … That’s kinda how I feel, having recently put $300 into Johnny Chan’s All In Energy Drink(s).

All In is all over the WSOP this year — they’re the official energy drink, making them the Red Bull alternative at the tables, and their patches are all over players. In an effort to drive online sales and overall poker-player awareness, they’ve got a big booth right outside the Amazon Room, too, where the promotion they’re pushing is a $500k free(ish)roll on July 1 and 2 … which I will be playing in because I bought 144 cans of the stuff. Yep, should be arriving at my doorstep any day now … [whistling phrroo-hoo] .. yep 12 cases make me one of their top 1,000 customers … yep, any day now …

It all made sense mathematically at the booth … I’m getting a bunch of energy drinks (and energy water) for a Sam’s club price ($2/can). And I actually like the stuff — the root beer is totally unique and fantastic in my minority opinion. So in making this purchase, I get to play in a fun tourney where not only am I competing for a $125k first prize, but also there’ll be a bunch of pros in it with $1,000 bounties attached to their heads. Positive EV, right?

click to enlarge

The only thing that’s giving me a little grumble in the tumble is that the numbers don’t seem to add up on the other side of the felt. I mean let’s see, the prize pool is $500k “guaranteed” … the promotion says it’s limited to 1,000 players … I paid $300, people who bought multi-cases of All In before me got in for only $100 … now the price is $500 … and then all the pros who may or may not be freerolled … and two WSOP main event seats added to the prize pool. Would probably sound better were it not for All In’s play with the word “cases” … technically I bought 12, even though it would be 6 if I were buying 144 cans of just about any other beverage. I dunno, it just kinda feels like the Poker Bowl, ya know? The difference, of course, is that this event has Johnny Chan’s name and backing attached to it, but when it comes to honorable reputations among the top 3 bracelet winners of all times … um, let’s just say Phil Hellmuth is a solid second.

But hey, I’ve got an open mind, an enthusiastic desire to bust some pros, and if I wear the patch that came with my receipt, I get free All In root beers throughout the duration of the WSOP! (Go Hevad Khan-ish behavior!) Should be interesting to see what happens — because either this tournament is a model for corporate-sponsored events in the future, or it’s gonna prove a money-loser for All In. Could be both and just a marketing loss-leader, of course, assuming the 144 doses of an unregulated, arguably addictive product sold over the internet arrive by US mail.

UPDATE: Still waiting …


by , Apr 2, 2008 | 12:53 am

Check out this video I just found:

It seems to be a promotional jig for All In Energy Drink, and features Johnny Chan, Phil Hellmuth, and Layne Flack … with Alexander Neal, Raw, HollyRae, and ProHoeZak. Kinda rocks, no?

Currently on Tilt

by , Jan 25, 2008 | 5:30 pm

Or at least I am drinking it (8 percent variety) … as I finish up my day and get ready for the night:

Not bad.

More Proof that Energy Drinks Are the Next Poker

by , Nov 7, 2007 | 5:47 am

This story on Channel 8 has nothing to do with poker … but really it does.

It’s about energy drinks (yum!), and newfound health concerns associated with them. Pokerati has long contended, as the hedline suggests above, that the boom-time business of possibly addictive, taurine-infused pharmaceuticals sold at convenience stores (to kids!) for upwards of $3 a can is just waiting for a little government intervention … because there’s simply too much money being made for the politicos to not want their cut.

What we’re not good with here at Pokerati is time. Whether that will take five months or 15 years to happen, we’re not so sure. But I do find it especially interesting that the Channel 8 story above says that last year there were more than 4 billion cans of lightly carbonated liquid meth sold … which would make the energy drink biz a $12 billion industry. Does that number ring a bell? It should … because it was the estimated value of the online poker industry shortly before the passage of the UIGEA.

You see what I’m getting at? Poker is about math. So is politics …

(And some people wonder why I don’t sleep.)