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A Wider World of Poker

by , Nov 16, 2011 | 5:23 pm

With the World Series lumbering off into the distance, it’s back to the grind for the world of poker; wider parts included. The twin-tailed dragon of news has been belching forth stories about big government and big tournaments this week, so follow me as I slay the beast with my sword of journalism and craft lustrous armour made from unblemished facts*.

Premier League Poker is a Mixed Bag

If you were to pop into the Playboy Club in London tonight, you would have the ironclad excuse of being on the look out for some high class poker. The Premiere League Poker Mixed Game Championship is both verbose and underway. Tony G, Mike Sexton, Jennifer Tilly, and a handful of other semi-famous pros are battling through a series of televised heats for a shot at $100k. [WPT Mag]

Euro Honchos Discuss Online Gambling

Elected representatives of the various EU states gathered in Brussels this week to debate the issue of online gambling. During a session of the European Parliament, politicians discussed the mish mash of different online gambling laws that exist across the continent. MEPs are keen to allow member countries to maintain their own rules, but issued support for a legislative framework that would require new gambling regulations to adhere to agreed standards. [European Parliament]

Bingo Players Lose Their Identity

With evil nerds lurking around every corner waiting to leap out and hack you, the importance of data protection is at an all time high. There’s not much a business can do, however, if the person stealing the information already works for them. That’s exactly what happened at Foxy Bingo, where employee Marc Ben-Ezra was caught selling the details of 65,000. To the outrage of the UK’s Information Commissioner, Ben-Ezra has so far been hit with no more than a £2,000 fine. [E Week Europe]

The Nations Cup is London Bound

Provided they aren’t in middle of a massive downswing, any pro will tell you that poker is a game of skill. That’s also the opinion of the London Mind Sports Festivals, who have allied with the International Federation of Poker to present the Nations Cup. Twelve different countries have entered teams (as have facebook game company Zynga, for some reason). To enhance the skill factor, teams will be play duplicate poker while sat inside the London Eye – a giant sightseeing Ferris wheel on the bank of the Thames. [CardPlayer]

I have to get back to forging shields and bothering giants now, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the “real world” while I’m at it. If there’s no column next week, assume that I’ve fallen inside my computer. Send Jeff Bridges.

*Your humble correspondent might have been playing a little too much Skyrim this week.