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Pokerati Hooks up with Face Up Gaming

by , Aug 19, 2012 | 6:14 pm

There’s a new Tom in town! (And this one has four bracelets, not just two.)

So we may or may not have gotten a little drunk one night … you know how it goes, a little joke, some playful touching, and suddenly somehow our friends at Face Up Gaming are now friends with benefits! The start-up social gaming online poker site will be giving Pokeratizens unprecedented insight into the process of building an online poker operation from the ground up — and we’re happy to have Face Up Gaming as our official online poker subscription site partner!

Read the announcement of our casual maybe sometimes sorta kinky in-bedness here.

So sign up with Face Up  and … well, um, uh …we’ll surely do something special for you! I do know there are lotsa prizes in play already at Face Up. Trips to Aruba, iPads galore, real cash … all up for grabs should you pony up for the US online poker equivalent of a Sam’s Club membership. (It’s the American way to play!)

Executive Instapokerer AlCantHang is big into it, too … I think primarily to make sure the executives don’t eff things up that the Face Up Gaming experience is the best online poker experience in the future of ever!

LOL, but seriously, it should be a great time. Hope to see some of you at the tables.

Blogger Battle Revisited

by , Jun 28, 2012 | 7:44 pm

The second running of the Battle of the Bloggers on FaceUp Gaming is Saturday, June 30 at noon PT. To play, just click here and use the bonus code “Pokerati” when you sign up. True invitational freeroll — no charge to play, no credit card to enter, and the tournament is open only to followers of Alcanthang, Ante Up, Pocket Fives, Pokerati, Dr. Check Raise, and THPT … so you have to attach yourself to one of the above.

Tournament name: Bloggers Only
Password: battle2

Top 20 finishers get prizes — ranging from an iPad for 1st to sundry clothing swag to points that leave you eligible for future tournaments … and oh yeah, don’t forget Blue Shark Optics. They also have some poker books by Tom McEvoy as prizes, which may or may not be a way for the perennial Hall of Fame bridesmaid to empty his garage.

We didn’t exactly do very well last time — I’m claiming technical difficulties and you can’t prove otherwise without a subpoena! — so I’m hoping for a better showing this go-round. Let’s collude on video with Team AlCantHang! show those nerds from Pocket 5s who’s boss! Arrrghh, yeah, poker poker poker POKER!! A game where bullies can still be winners, too.

Again, play here, play now. And it would be really cool if you told them Pokerati is your favoritest blog i the whole wide poker world — super duper cool if you doing so while giving a subscription membership a go. 14-day free trials still available.

Did you know Barack Obama uses an iPad?

Face-to-Face on the Virtual Felt

by , May 31, 2012 | 6:00 am

Our new-good friends at Face Up Gaming just gave away a bunch of money to show that they are serious about winning your non-gambling subscription poker business. And while a $10k free-ish-roll is nice, that may not be enough to get people to try yet another freemium site to hold them over til two-way real-money gaming comes back in play. But Face Up has a video explaining why their site is worth checking out:

Cool. Indeed. I’ve played a few games to earn points and figure out the buttons at Face Uo, and am gonna pay the $20 $25 (correction: my initial math error) at least once for a shot at the better freerolls. Curious to see how the streaming video technology plays at the table, and am wondering how long before somebody pulls out their junk thinking maybe I should comb my hair.

I’m still clicking around and looking into their leagues and other options at the site Tom McEvoy is pimping this summer.

It does beg the question is this how all online poker will be played in the future? Sign up and it should be fun finding out.

$5,000 for Your Thoughts?

by , May 18, 2012 | 10:42 pm

A lotta free poker sites looking for your business these days. Should be interesting to see which ones play the game right enough to stick around for a few years.

One such site, Face Up Gaming, threw a $5k real-money freeroll last weekend and has another one this Sunday, noon PT (3p ET). Not a bad way to invite people to check out your new software. No qualifying points nor anything required … just click, give up some basic info, and play.

Ahh, just like old times-ish!

I’ll be there … for my first non-Zynga online poker of 2012.