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by , Jul 29, 2012 | 7:00 am

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Team Pokerati’s La Sengphet Wins WSOP-Tunica Event

$32k valentine victory with his-and-her circuit rings for Dallas poker couple

by , Feb 12, 2011 | 8:52 pm

poker marriage


Is it too early to call La n DC the Dwyte Pilgrim of poker couples? Don’t wanna jinx anyone … but Team Pokeratiers La Sengphet and David Clark … I’m tellin’ ya … players to watch.

While DC won the first WSOP-circuit ring of 2011 (and $51k) at WSOP-Choctaw, La followed suit at the next circuit stop — Harrah’s Tunica — becoming the first female to win a ring this year. A Pokerati fave from back in the Dallas days, she won a $555 event with 278 players yesterday — paying her $32k. La, of course, finished 7th in the major-league WSOP ladies event this past summer (making her Team Pokerati’s 2010 WSOP MVP), and took 2nd in a non-bling-added ladies event at Choctaw two days after David’s victory.

Adding to the niftiness of this final table … Andy Nguyen, the second-place finisher, is a good friend of La n DC’s and drove with them to the tournament from Dallas to Tunica for his $20k score. The lucky threesome (La does credit hitting a gutshot as a key hand in her victory) say they’re headed to Florida next for the inaugural WSOP-circuit stop at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

Click here for official deets from the final table.

Pokerati Flashback:
Tao of Pokerati at the 2010 WSOP
Episode 26: La La FTW!

In semi-related news …

Caesars Palace to hold Valentine couples tourney on Sunday

Coincidence that they announced this special tournament yesterday, about 30 minutes into La’s heads-up match? Probably so … but seems like it should be a fun event for poker lovers … not to be confused with far more common poker-lovers.

Tomorrow — Sunday, 13 Feb 2011, starting at 1 pm. Buy-in is $160 per couple … 7,500 starting chips. Caesars Poker management explains:

This tournament will feature a structure where you and your partner will switch every 15 minutes playing 30 minute blind levels. At the final table couples will switch every 20 minutes playing 40 minute blind levels.

Hmm, sounds like a PR email I got for Las Vegas Swingers Ball during AVN …

No word on whether or not Caesars expects a rash of gay commitment ceremonies among local Vegas grinders — nowhere else to be on Valentine’s weekend, obv — who might see a competitive advantage for any two dudes willing to hold each other’s hand while sharing chipstacks.

CardRunners Goes Adult Contemporary with Addition of Nicolak

by , Oct 18, 2010 | 3:52 pm

CardRunners hired Nicolak because their other pros needed someone who could buy beer.

Finally … a new pro at CardRunners I can relate to. The kids at CR are smart and all — and really do offer probably the very best poker training available on the internet — but as I’m sure many of you who’ve signed up for TrulyFreePokerTraining have discovered, they also can be a reminder of the life hard-working poker players over 32 will never live no matter how many MTTs you take down.

Something about John Kim, aka Nicolak, the newest CardRunners instructor, connects with the aggressively balding. Not sure if it’s because he can remember a day when Atari was our internet, or because his scores have come in tournaments that seem a little more realistic to a lower-stakes player. Check out his Hendon Mob stats. He also recently began cohosting Cash Plays on PokerRoad, with Jeremiah Smith, a skill-based show I don’t listen to enough.

I’ve played with Nicolak once, at Detox, and he certainly doesn’t fit the mold of your typical high-stakes online aggro-baller. In fact, he seems way too mentally fit and life-steady to be a truly successful poker pro. But he must be doing something right …

Check out his personal blog, where he writes about balancing the game as a career while supporting a loving family and fantasy football team. He’s been publicly chasing a $1million bankroll goal all year, and is only about a quarter of the way there so far. You can just see his pursuits are a more familiar grind to many, whereas I’m not so sure they are yet for Jungleman.

Read his introduction to CardRunners here. And then get on over to TFPT for some free poker training, as Nicolak will soon have videos showing the keys to his slightly smoother jazz.

Just How Big Was WinStar’s Big One?

Mr. Sou takes down The River; what that could mean remains to be seen

by , Sep 7, 2010 | 5:03 pm

Greg Raymer busted from the main event of The River @ Winstar yesterday in 11th place. Little clue what Fossilman’s payout was, nor even where I shoulda been looking. Limited media info was one of many justifiable gripes people had for a tournament of this size … others included player lockouts, bad blind structures, and you should see the vitriol attached to Facebook comments about Toby Keith’s steakhouse at Winstar!

I’ll hold some of that for another post, lest we sully the winner’s accomplishment with analysis of the obstacles certain Indian casinos face in 2010 moving forward. But be sure, as evident in the fifth running of this tournament at WinStar, the paradigms have shifted … particularly for what constitutes a major minor-league event capable of profiting from a national player base.

The River’s $2.5 million guaranteed main event, with three Day 1s, drew 1,440 players … a much better result for Winstar than last year when they had to cover a $580k overlay on $3 million guaranteed. It coulda been even bigger had the casino not put itself in a position of pissing off players who trekked out to the Oklahoma hinterlands only to be turned away … but regardless, with a $2,100 buy-in and several months of satellites, first prize came to a relatively whopping $647,690.

To put that in perspective, that’s better than 10th-place money in the WSOP main event. So would it be a stretch to contend winning The River is just a notch below making the November Nine?


WSOP Power Patches

Team Pokerati, ESPN, Loudmouth, and Tao of Pokerati

by , Sep 3, 2010 | 5:51 pm

More multimedia for your Friday … Team Pokerati got some good lovin’ on ESPN this week. Good thing, too, because The Big Randy would fail to deliver on his patch-wearing duties early on Day 4 when he happened to be sitting next to Michael Mizrachi … have a quick listen to step back in WSOP-time when Pauly and I seemed to have a certain prescience about both patches and Mizrachis starting to mean something:

Tao of Pokerati
Episode 64: Big Head Randy and the Min-Cashers – Dan and Pauly hang out at the Bad Beat bar and wonder if they are coolers? Or if the Big Randy had busted out because he was not wearing a Pokerati patch. Yes, the Big Randy busted before the money bubble. The discussion shifts to the bubble strategy for PokerStars qualifiers who also have a PCA package riding on the line along with the min-cash.

Fortunately, team captain Tom didn’t disappoint (anyone but himself and his family). Schneider showed up on ESPN this week, playing the main event on the outermost feature table, and for a surprisingly funny bit with him and fellow Team Pokerati-er Julie Schneider, as Norman Chad tries to learn about cooking and/or what makes a poker marriage work:

Be sure to check out Pauly’s post about this episode — scroll down to Day in the Life of the DonkeyBomber and Pancakes with Angry Julie — for some decidedly Tao take on Tom and his Loudmouth living.


Don’t Forget: Pokerati Game this Week

+ Proper pot-rounding in PLO

by , May 11, 2010 | 10:44 pm

PLO can be a wicked temptress and a sexy bitch.

Supposedly the Pokerati Game made on its own this past Tuesday around midnight, with @MattCWaldron duking it out into the wee hours with an unusually drinky Rex the Bald PLOcal. Not sure how the stacks ended up, but from what I hear it was some of the most vigorous song-game action the room had seen in a long time. (The Hard Rock background music tends to shift to nuevo-hip hop and variety metal during late hours, and then late-late pre-sunrise it’s a lot of classic rock.)

At last week’s game, I was pretty unhappy because things were going well until I put myself in my first difficult spot of the night. After I failed to hit my 4-outer running it twice, @JaKatkin tweeted:

And @pokerati’s implosion has begun.
10:47 PM May 6th via TweetDeck

Asshole! Katkin clearly had a read on me, as he sat to my left watching my stack dwindle post-tweet to zero, at which point I rebought and re-lost yet again. (How did he know!?!)

That was also the first week we played with officially published rules. However my one copy I had at the table got ruined when a drunk (but good player … think he mighta been a Mavenite) spilled my glass of champagne all over the nicely printed document en route to his seat in the game.


Poker for Life

Dancing Old People

by , Mar 28, 2010 | 8:23 pm

It’s not just the kids getting hooked on poker … here’s a 106-year-old Oklahoma farmer who plays the game — hey, he was born in 1903; who cares about Jokers! Plus an entertainingly local commercial to start off the segment:


WalMart Endorses Cheating, Collusion

by , Jan 20, 2010 | 12:14 am

Seriously, would you ever play cards with this family?

Gambling U.

by , Dec 8, 2009 | 11:02 am

More kids and poker, man … it was gonna be an issue anyhow, and Joe Cada’s WSOP win maybe made it even more so. I got an email from a student at Rollins University who’s doing a paper for his English Composition class on something that has indeed become if not a hot topic, a warmer than usual one on college campuses across the U.S.

Below are the questions Tyler in Winter Park, FL, sent me. While #1 is probably the hardest to answer — and ahh, the memories brought back by #2 — I think it’s interesting to see where his thinking is coming from … how the internet is obviously part of the issue, but not nearly all of it … and in general, the starting perception that gambling is a “problem”.


1.What is your profession?
2. Did you gamble in college?
3.How do you feel college administrations should address this problem? Do we need more awareness or intervention programs on campus?
4.Do you think this is a serious/risky problem for college students today? Why? Does the internet play a major role?
5. Can you comment on these areas of my argument
-Gambling can lead to addiction (colleges already educate on alcohol and drug addiction)
-Gambling can lead to risky behavior (financial problems, crime etc)
-Gambling can negatively affect academic progress

RE: Poker for Kids

by , Nov 18, 2009 | 12:49 pm

Might this be a theme in 2010 … or do Katkin and I both just run with uber-degens looking to pass on their sick ways to children?

Fiona in Milwaukee posted the following on my Facebook wall:

Here’s kind of an odd question for you- do you know of any kids classes in poker in Vegas? I realize that it’s a bit of a controversial topic but I happen to fall on the side of believing that it teaches great critical thinking skills (and am amazed that parents who are against it are often perfectly fine with letting their kids sit mindlessly in front of a tv). Anyway, I’ll be in Vegas over Thanksgiving with the kids and my 11-year-old daughter always asks on our trips there if there is a place where kids can play. I’m assuming not but thought I’d ask…

I, of course, think it’s a great concept, and perhaps a sign that Joe Cada has already done a little inspiring?

We just gotta make sure the dudes who enter ladies events don’t see kids tourneys as “soft” fields to play against.

Oh, P.S., I do not know of any kids poker classes in Las Vegas. Wish I did though. No Chris Hansen jokes, please.

Beth Shak Close-to-Naked

by , Nov 11, 2009 | 6:46 pm

OMG. Is that a nipple + beaver peek? While this photoshoot may juxtapose troublesomely with our “Talk to Your Kids about Poker” post … maybe not … at least not any more so than pop-culture characters in music, movies, Japanese anime, or regular-ole-TV in Europe.

Beth Shak should so have a sponsorship deal with Cougar Cruises.

Poker for Kids

by , | 5:18 pm

A friend of mine who watched the WSOP final table with his 12-year-old son earlier this week sent me a note asking if I knew of any “poker little leagues” that he could enroll his son in. I don’t, but the question got me thinking. How young is too young to expose kids to the wonders of poker, and what’s the best way to teach them about the game?

With all of the coverage the November Nine has gotten – and will continue to get through reruns on ESPN – it should come as no surprise that a new, younger generation will become interested in poker, perhaps inspired by a 21-year-old world champion who got his start online years before he could play in American casinos.

The question is, what is the best, most responsible way to teach kids about poker and “gambling”?

For my part, I suggested my friend buy his son some chips and a number of quality poker strategy books that he must read before starting to play penny-ante games at the kitchen table. Anyone have better suggestions?

Phil Ivey on E:60

by , Nov 4, 2009 | 7:00 pm

Here’s the ESPN E:60 segment in case you missed it. His first job: flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Parents briefly felt like failures when his life turned all-casino. He’s been technically homeless, sleeping under a bridge in Atlantic City. Built his bankroll by taking his last $50k and turning it into 2 Months $2 million. And eventually, he was the MVP helping “The Corporation” felt Andy Beal for 8-figures +.

Great stuff from a non-pokery ESPN reporter who gets to find out firsthand what it’s like being the craps cooler Ivey believes cost him more than $240k.

The First through Ninth Families of Poker?

by , Aug 28, 2009 | 4:01 am

Watching the latest episode of ESPN’s Inside Deal … Laura Lane had a question for Howard Lederer, about who would win between him and his sister vs. the Brunson clan. Though Howard’s non-committal answer shows he is definitely learnin’ himself some politics, it got me thinking … really, who are the biggest poker families?

Though naturally I see yet another Dream Team tourney possibility, there could be other ways to quantify the “first family” of poker. Off the top of my head — based on people who play at least semi-regularly and have had some semblance of decent results in biggish events — you have, in no particular order:

The Brunsons

The Lederers
Annie (Duke)

The Greensteins
Joe (Sebok)

The Mizrachis

The Williams

The Schneiders

The Nguyens (Master)

The Heimowitzs

The (Belcore) Zogmans
Mary Jo


Focus on the Family

by , Aug 3, 2009 | 1:17 am

This might be better for Facebook, but I just had to share … you know, stayin’ true to the roots after some fam-time in Tejas last week …

“Grandma” (right), the matriarch of the Michalski clan, teaching her 2-year-old great-grandson (and Pokerati nephew) the concept of jacks-or-better:

Luke reportedly likes it when the flush gets there and the bells ring.