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The First through Ninth Families of Poker?

by , Aug 28, 2009 | 4:01 am

Watching the latest episode of ESPN’s Inside Deal … Laura Lane had a question for Howard Lederer, about who would win between him and his sister vs. the Brunson clan. Though Howard’s non-committal answer shows he is definitely learnin’ himself some politics, it got me thinking … really, who are the biggest poker families?

Though naturally I see yet another Dream Team tourney possibility, there could be other ways to quantify the “first family” of poker. Off the top of my head — based on people who play at least semi-regularly and have had some semblance of decent results in biggish events — you have, in no particular order:

The Brunsons

The Lederers
Annie (Duke)

The Greensteins
Joe (Sebok)

The Mizrachis

The Williams

The Schneiders

The Nguyens (Master)

The Heimowitzs

The (Belcore) Zogmans
Mary Jo


Inside Deal for August 25, November Niners Rolling at the Legends of Poker

by , Aug 25, 2009 | 10:03 am

Here’s the latest edition of’s Inside Deal, with November Nine participant Eric Buchman:

In other November Nine news, Kevin Schaffel and Steve Begleiter are 2nd and 3rd with just 24 players remaining at the WPT Legends of Poker at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California. Todd Terry is the current chip leader with 850,000. Follow the live updates starting at 3pm PT over at the WPT live updates page as they play down to the final six players.

Weekend Wisdom (8/22-8/23): EPT Kyiv, ESPN Inside Deal, & Daniel

by , Aug 22, 2009 | 6:41 pm

Yes, I’m aware that the weekend is half over, but gimme a break, will ya? Got a couple of things worth watching while checking out the Sunday majors tomorrow or…if your weekend just needs a little poker pep in its step.

First, the EPT Kyiv (that’s how they insist it’s spelled) reached its final table today and will see it play out tomorrow. One of the most interesting aspects of the European Poker Tour is its EPT Live broadcast, with whole cards and great commentators to break down the action. PokerNews reporter Gloria Balding takes us behind the scenes in this video, with a cameo appearance from Benjo. (BTW, big congrats to Short-Stacked Shamus for taking down the media tourney last night/this morning!)

Second, ESPN’s Inside Deal show has kept me interested for three weeks and looking forward to each new show. It’s turning out to be an informative/funny/fresh idea that is pretty dang well done. Check out last Tuesday’s episode with Barry Greenstein as the special guest:

And finally, a few lot of words from Daniel Negreanu in his latest Raw Vegas video diary. He discusses many of the issues he addressed in his blog recently, such as Phil Ivey reaching the WSOP main event final table and his feelings about the Poker Hall of Fame (his nomination, etc.), but he also touches on a recent trip to Toronto to visit his still-hospitalized mother. Thoughts go out to Daniel as his decisions get tougher in the months/years to come.

Watch Daniel Negreanu: Phil Ivey is the Best Poker Player in the World on

ESPN’s Inside Deal, Episode 3

by , Aug 18, 2009 | 11:36 am

Watch Episode 2 of ESPN’s Inside Deal Here

by , Aug 11, 2009 | 4:18 pm

This will be my first time watching the show … expectations are high after good reviews for Episode 1: