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Sam’s Game: 4-Color TV Poker

by , May 19, 2009 | 7:42 pm

Remember the good old days, when poker was in its boom period and the poker community was treated to shows such as Celebrity Poker Showdown, Hollywood Hold ‘Em, Hip-Hop Holdem, WPT’s Hollywood Home Game, etc. etc.? Celebrities playing poker makes its “comeback” with Sam’s Game — a new show on the digital channel that is also home to The Boy Nexxt Door, e-Rotic, and Show Us Your Wits.

The show features Simpson’s co-creator Sam Simon, along with comedians Artie Lange, Dave Attell, Norm McDonald and Jeffrey Ross. Also featured are Playboy personalities Brande Roderick, Deanna Brooks, Andrea Lowell, and Stacy Fuson; along with poker personalities as Phil Laak, Sam’s ex-wife Jennifer Tilly, and Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh. The “action” takes place in Hugh Hefner’s villa at the Palms in Las Vegas, and Playboy TV has put up a few clips on Youtube as a preview for the shows debut June 11th. Above is the longest clip, featuring Artie and Norm in a big hand. The one thing that stands out right away is that I believe this is the first poker program to ever use a 4-color deck in the graphics.

Pros in Dallas (and Choctaw) Weekend

Vladimir Gorsky charity event

by , Sep 25, 2008 | 10:17 am

Interesting charity event going on in Dallas this weekend … a $1,500+ buy-in with $1k going to the prize pool. The rest going toward medical expenses for internationally renowned Russian/American/Dallas artist Vladimir Gorsky, who is suffering from brain cancer. TJ Cloutier writes a little about him and the event here. Some of the other Vlad-loving pros supposed to attend include: Amir Vahedi, Tom McEvoy, Young Phan, Kido Pham, Jennicide, and Warren Karp.

Though I don’t know Vlad, I’ve actually seen some of his art before, including his Tapestry of the Centuries (above), and I gotta say, it is some pretty impressive stuff. And apparently he’s quite the card-playin’ guy … no wonder he chronicled Las Vegas in mixed media and presented it to LV Mayor Oscar Goodman. (He also happens to be friends with the President Bush family — having painted the portrait of GHWB that hangs in his Houston office, and Babs with her beloved Millie.)

The event takes place at the Westin City Center. Glad to see it. If they successfully pull off this event, it will be good to see charity poker getting back to what it could/should/used to be in Texas — though it does seem a little strange for a charity event to be going on in Dallas that doesn’t have anything to do with Pokerati or Clonie.

Fortunately, I will be able to follow the action on

One other really interesting thing about this event: the support it’s getting from the Choctaw Nation. They’re running single-table satellites to this event 24/7 between now and then. And as a show of appreciation for helping out their friend Vlad, the pros slated to be in Dallas on Saturday will be in Oklahoma for Choctaw’s Friday night tourney, reportedly playing with bounties on their heads.

Click below to see the flyer and get more details about signing up:



by , Jun 7, 2008 | 10:27 am

Tomorrow is the ladies event … and in honor of the heavily anticipated hot cleavage vs. bulldyke action, Wicked Chops has been kind enough to share a picture of Lacey Jones, who arguably boasts the best hotness-to-smartness ratio in poker, wearing nothing but paint.

Seriously, I sometimes find it hard to believe she even talks to me, let alone hugs/accepts me as a MySpace friend.

Re: Jennicide to Appear in Playboy

by , Feb 8, 2008 | 9:06 pm

Here’s word directly from Jennifer Leigh herself, about her choice (my emph) to share her naked tatas natural beauty with the non-poker world …

She’ll be in the May issue, according to her interview for (mostly) non-poker women — SHEKNOWS: Confessions of a Poker Princess — where she not only gives the girl-next-door details about her pictorial for (mostly) non-poker men, but also reveals her crossover potential in World of Warcraft, which I suspect will make a lot of more-than-poker gamer-types out there theoretically really happy.

Jennicide to Appear in Playboy

by , Feb 7, 2008 | 8:56 pm

The rumor has persisted for more than a year, and it seems to be true.

JennicideJennifer “Jennicide” Leigh will appear in the May 2008 issue of Playboy Magazine. It is unclear if she will be on the cover as Wicked Chops suggests, or simply featured in a 6-page editorial spread as Bluff Magazine reports.

Whether or not she’s still a poker player can be debated, and what this nude gig will do for her career life remains to be seen. But what is for sure is that every man in poker will know what her hole cards are.

(For those unfamiliar with Playboy Magazine, it’s a men’s publication that demonstrates true journalistic integrity and features some of the world’s most prominent and influential people.)

Really, Really Goodlooking Poker

by , Aug 7, 2007 | 4:38 pm

Before heading into autumn’s WSOP and WPT events we all have a moment to resurface for a deep breath of reality.

zoolander.jpgWhile there are plenty of pretty people in poker that are really, really good looking, a deep breath may be your reaction to this hot player getting naked. And no, it’s not Patrik Antonius who has some nice photos on his website here.

Head over to The Poker Biz for the nudest news.

Photo of not-a-poker-player Derek Zoolander.

More Skills on Day 2b of the WSOP Main

by , Jul 11, 2007 | 3:40 pm

Day 2b has begun and the room is quiet with the exception of thousands of chips being shuffled. Players have on the game face to get some serious work done and the excitement of playing in the Main Event has worn off. Today marked yet another twist in poker with Vinnie Vinh showing up to a stack of chips (3200), the irony was that he left the tournament due to elimination. Lance Bradley at The Poker Biz caught up with Vinnie for some great quotes and summary of the summer.

Thor Hansen, who rocked this series, is playing today as well as Amnon Filippi (4th in H.O.R.S.E.), Allen Cunningham, Chad Brown, Carlos Mortenson, Chris Ferguson, Chip Jett, Humberto Brenes, JC Tran, looks mean but really a sweetie pie Eric Buchman has about 80k and George Costanza AKA Jason Alexander will get some main event action.

Recent eliminations include David Plastik, Phil Gordon, Joe Sebok, Evenlyn Ng, Tom Schneider, James Van Alstyne and Vicki Coren. No one seems to know if Jennicide played wearing lingerie, in fact, we’re not sure if she played the Main Event at all.

Preparing For Your Next Tournament

by , Jun 12, 2007 | 11:44 am

LAS VEGAS–The WSOP Academy hosted their first All Ladies Camp at Caesar’s Palace this past weekend. A sold out crowd of 100 women listened, played and learned from Annie Duke, Karina Jett, funny man Alex Outhred, Joe Navarro and even a surprise visit from the very sexy Jennicide. There was a vast range in players either looking to learn the basics or sharpen their skills and all seemed to benefit from Navarro’s body language seminar. I know I advanced in some areas (although it didn’t seem possible since I’m the 6,432,243,328 smartest person in the world). In fact, immediately following the Academy I entered the ladies WSOP event and focused on my game like a turkey dodging Thanksgiving. Seriously, I used Navarro’s tells to read, Karina’s advice on flirting, Annie’s reminder’s of the math and Alex’s words of wisdom on staying focused.

I would have posted on this yesterday but I was busy cashing in the WSOP thanks to this camp’s wonderful reminders.

Upcoming camps during the World Series will not only include Joe Navarro but also main event winners Greg Raymer, Joe Hachem and WSOP Master Phil Hellmuth with a private tournament for a 10k main event seat, VIP Party at Pure Nightclub and banquet.

WSOP Ladies (and a few good men) Event

by , Jun 10, 2007 | 12:05 pm

LAS VEGAS–Yes, I know you are all jealous that I will be playing poker with a bunch of hot chicks today. You should be…you will be missing out on cleavage, cat fights and maybe even a few soft hair mustaches.

Ok, let’s take a moment to be serious. I have always had a great time in these events and have actually made some great friends. The women are funny, nice and the room smells better. It’s just…the cat fight thing makes for a better story for all of you drama addicts.

Among the favorites today will be defending champ Mary Jones, Clonie (who needs not a last name) Jen Tilly, Jennicide, Vanessa Rousso and Isabelle Mercier who will be playing on the Queen of Hearts Team. Veteran player Karina Jett will be playing on the feminine felt, while Annie Duke will be skipping out on the gender game, making her way to the Amazon Room for this afternoon’s $5k Limit Championship. Annie, I’m jealous.

I’m sure Wicked Chops Poker will have a lot of cleavage photos because those guys are a bunch of perverts. I only name-call because I was unsuccessful in my attempt to persuade any of them to register into this event. How funny would it be to see two guys at the final table of the ladies event? And the winner of this year’s ladies event is John Doe!

BTW…I covered the WSOP Ladies Academy this past weekend, which was awesome. More to come on that gig.

Hot or Not?

by , May 16, 2007 | 5:12 am

They’ve got a poll up at Neverwin Poker inquiring who’s the poker hottie du jour. They didn’t have a box for write-in candidates, so I voted for Olga Varkonyi. Clonie apparently isn’t what she used to be back in the day when her primary babe-monicker competition consisted of Evelyn Ng, Kathy Liebert, and Annie Duke. The top two vote-getters at present are Jennicide and (Dallas expat) Chantel McNulty.