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by , Nov 9, 2012 | 1:00 pm

Today’s Boxscore

Barack Obama – 2012 U.S. Presidential Election
Brandon Cantu – 2012 Whiner Series of Poker

Perhaps you were visiting friends in Antarctica or stuck in a pesky coma if you missed the U.S. Presidential election this week. Incumbent Barack Obama easily handled GOP contender Mitt Romney after every politician across the board dumped a ton of money to blast my swing-state airwaves with constant ads. The jury is still out on how this will impact the future of online poker in the States, but I think they’ll have a few more important things to handle at the moment.

In far less exciting news, Brandon Cantu defeated Jon Aguiar in a replay of the controversial Mix-Max WSOP Europe heads up match. To refresh your memory, Cantu whined like a newborn after Aguiar beat him for the bracelet in September because of Main Event scheduling issues and then managed to stand in for an insta-classic PokerNews interview (linked at the bottom of this post).

While no stranger to acting a fool when it pleases him, Aguiar offered to play heads up after Cantu wouldn’t let up on the subject. They played for the difference between 1st and 2nd, but not for the bracelet, at Aria, where Cantu somehow feels vindicated after winning the match and ~$135,000. Lose/lose.

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Tweet(s) of the Day – Following the match, Cantu showed his ass.

Shuffle Up and Deal! Full Tilt Poker Opens for Real Money Online Poker – In the middle of all this excitement, maybe you noticed that Full Tilt Poker has returned to the world of the living. “Rest of World” players outside the U.S. (and various other freedom-bashing countries) are back check/raising the Donkeys/ATMs/Cowboys/Random other avatars.

Players Flock to FTP Tables Despite Cashier Bugs – Full Tilt is making an immediate impact in the poker world according the traffic site PokerScout. So again, congrats to all you players living outside of the States.

Destination Poker: Eight Things You Didn’t Know About Moving to Play Online Poker – Now that Full Tilt Poker is back (and insane Republicans after the election), even more people are looking to move themselves out of the country. PokerNews has a nice writeup of somethings you should consider.

Online Poker One Of 25 ‘Thorny’ Issues In Lame-Duck Session – CardPlayers takes a look at the chances of anything being done for online poker over the next few months of the Congressional lame-duck session. Not too rosy.

WSOPE 2012: Brandon Cantu Speaks his Mind – Brandon Cantu, channeling his inner Hellmuth, rambles in this glorious interview by Sarah Grant on PokerNews. This should be added to the Library of Congress.


by , Oct 1, 2012 | 10:00 am

Jon Aguiar

Today’s Boxscore

Roger Hairabedian €142,590 – WSOPE €5,300 Pot Limit Omaha
Giovanni Rosadoni €107,614 – WSOPE €3,250 NLH Shootout
Jon Aguiar €258,047 – WSOPE €10,450 Mixed Max NLH
Francisco Da Costa Santos €83,275 – WSOPE €1,650 PLO

Never a dull moment across the Atlantic at the World Series of Poker Europe, this time it was a bizarre ending to the €10,450 Mixed Max Event following a perfect storm of silliness. The tournament began it’s final heads up matches two days ago but was forced to pause the action when Brandon Cantu complained his way through a 9 hour match and then the final between Cantu and Jon Aguiar was paused because the casino was closing. I thought last call in a casino was silly, but closing it all down?

The match had to wait while both players were in the Main Event but both were knocked out on Day 1. Aguiar finally put this one to bed with his first career WSOP bracelet but there is no truth to the rumor he blamed Joe Sebok for the delayed victory. Cantu stayed true to form and spent several spastic minutes in front of the PokerNews video camera (video below).

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Tweet of the Day – Jon Aguiar dedicates his WSOPE victory.

Tweet of the Day 2 – There are just far too many golden tweets from Mister Cantu so I picked just one. If you need a chuckle, check out his timeline.

PokerCast Episode 239 – Howard Lederer – TwoPlusTwo has a followup podcast with Lederer after his 7 hour PokerNews marathon. I haven’t had the time, or fortitude, to endure another 3 hours so I’ll wait until someone writes a recap.

Lederer backs out of scheduled interview, cites hardship on himself and his family – And then Lederer backed out of a scheduled interview with Diamond Flush Poker. After the soft serve given to Andy Bloch, not sure exactly how much more information would have be gained. Sells Ongame Poker Network For Up To €25 Million“Amaya looks forward to unleashing Ongame’s technology to its full potential”, kind of sounds like an evil genius trying to take over the world instead of a small B2B poker network.

Obama’s poker tells – So we can’t play online poker here in the States but we can use badly thought out poker metaphors when writing an op/ed about the Presidential election.

WSOPE 2012: Brandon Cantu Speaks his Mind – PokerNews has perhaps the single greatest stream-of-consciousness, whiny interview since the last time someone stuck a camera in Hellmuth’s face. God bless you Brandon Cantu, never change.


by , Jun 6, 2012 | 6:09 pm

Andy Bloch

Today’s WSOP Boxscore

Aubin Cazals $480,563 – Event #6 $5,000 Mix-Max
Andy Bloch $126,363 – Event #7 $1,500 7-Card Stud
Herbert Tapscott $264,400 – Event #8 $1,500 Omaha/8
Ashkan Razavi $781,398 – Event #9 $1.5k NLHE w/Re-entry
John Monnette $190,826 – Event #10 $5,000 7-Card Stud
Vincent Van Der Fluit $265,211 – Event #11 $1,500 PLO

Score one for the good guys. Andy Bloch was atop a list of the best poker players to have not won a WSOP bracelet but he took care of that Saturday night. Bloch had 27 WSOP cashes in his career including a famous runner up finish to Chip Reese in the 2006 $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event. This time he beat Barry Greenstein heads up for the $1,500 Seven Card Stud bracelet and will never have to hear people ask when he was going to win one.

It looks like Michael Binger and Shawn Buchanan are now on the clock as ESPN’s Andrew Feldman points out both have 20+ WSOP cashes and over $2,000,000 in career earnings.

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Tournament Tips with Will Reynolds – PokerNews caught up with Will Reynolds for some poker strategy tips. “Tighten up early, lossen up late” is his advice. In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue.

ESPN Poker is The Nuts – Andrew Feldman has their latest poker rankings based on a voting panel of 10. Steve O’Dwyer finally makes an appearance after running over the Euro events. But somehow Phil Ivey is still sitting in 2nd.

BLUFF WSOP Photo Blog – Everybody likes pretty picture and shiny things. Heather Borowinski always does great work and this post has just a few of her pics, worth tracking down the others.

The WSOP Daily Shuffle – Nolan Dalla has been documenting the game longer than most others. Easy morning he posts an article about what happened and what is going to happen.

Ty Stewart Responds on QuadJacks – After the long weekend of problems at the Rio, WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart sat down with QuadJacks to discuss the issues.