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2010 Hall of Fame Top Vote-Getters Named

by , Sep 1, 2010 | 11:39 am

It’s just a list, but a fun and important one … the Class of 2010 to be considered for the Poker Hall of Fame presented by Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. Er, wait a minute, scratch that last part. You mean there’s no sponsor plausibly affecting the outcome of how things get inked into the record books? Next thing you’re gonna tell me is there’s no Jungleman or Durrrr. Wha’? Didn’t you see him get 2nd place!?! I mean the old guy, not Jungleman. He’s not even 21 yet, so that’s understandable that he shouldn’t be eligible ’til next year. OK, anyways …

Here are the names being considered this go-round … on first glance I don’t see any insta-scratches … so all 10 get at least a shake:



Jungleman12 Siphons $172k More from Tom Dwan in Round 2

by , Aug 30, 2010 | 8:04 pm

The durrrr challenge with Jungleman ran its second session late Monday morning into the afternoon, playing a shade under 1000 hands this time around. Jungleman (Daniel Cates) continued to hold the advantage, and even when losing big pots he was always able to bounce back within minutes. Durrrr, on the other hand, was found felted on two tables and playing shortstacked poker, despite a rule in the challenge requiring a reload at 75bbs. Jungleman ended up winning $172k in session #2, all NLHE, to bring his total to +$692k after 6820 hands, according to FTP’s Poker on the Rail blog. Not bad (so far) for a 20-year-old college student making the 24-year-old Team Full Tilt pro look something like an old man.

JungleMan’s blog on CardRunners here. Good interview with Daniel Cates here.

Durrrr Challenge Part 2 Underway

aka Rumble in the Jungle(man12)

by , Aug 27, 2010 | 11:20 am

For those who like to railbird the high stakes action online, especially at Full Tilt Poker, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan’s open challenge seemed like a match made in heaven. 50,000 hands of 200/400 NL holdem or PLO action over at least 4 tables, with Dwan offering his opponent an additional $1,500,000 if they were ahead with the opponent paying Dwan $500,000 if he came out on top. The first player to accept the challenge was Patrik Antonius in February 2009. However, other cash game action slowed down the action creating gaps of several months where no hands were played. 18 months later, Dwan is up over $2,000,000 on Antonius with about 10,000 hands left in their challenge.

Enter Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates, an instructor at CardRunners who went from .25/.50 NL HU to playing in the biggest cash games online in just two years. After Cates accepted the challenge on July 19th, the forums went wild, longing for the days when Isildur1 was crushing the cash game superstars. It took over a month, but after an interview with AlCantHang on FullTiltPoker’s Poker from the Rail blog, the challenge finally got underway early Friday morning. The first session had Dwan ahead by over $161,000 after nearly 1,600 hands were played. A second session started a few hours later, with Cates holding over Dwan over the next 3500 hands, finishing with a profit of over $500,000. The chart of the early action appears below, and you can follow the action on FTP’s Durrrr Challenge 2 page.

Durrrr Challenge 2 graph

Durrrr Challenged

by , Aug 5, 2010 | 7:15 pm

Supposedly the big news on the Tom Dwan vs. The World front is that Jungleman — my personal heads-up coach thanks to free poker training with CardRunners — will be Durrrr’s next opponent in the super-big-stakes Durrrr Challenge.

While I personally think these are relevant matches in the legislative and regulatory realm — where else can you see that much money transacted, repeatedly, potentially across international borders, without Uncle Sam having his finger in the pot other than maybe Mafia Wars or real-money cocaine deals? — Wicked Chops has what could be the single best post ever about the significance of Tom Dwan’s ongoing namesake poker invitational.

Quick Heads-up Lesson from Jungleman

CardRunners presents …

by , Jul 17, 2010 | 4:52 pm

For those of us who are currently NOT fighting to make the November Nine, we still need to be working on our games for when we are. Because our good pals at CardRunners understand that we currently might be a bit distracted, however, they’ve sent us just a quickie with JungleMan. (About the length of a Tao of Pokerati episode.) This lesson — available for free with CR’s ass-kicking Truly Free Poker Training — is one that skips ahead actually, to training for when it’s all on the line heads-up.

(My early call for November, btw, just because I’d like to see it and it’s still possible … will be Grinder vs. subiime.)

More like this available to you with Truly Free Poker Training