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Bill O’Reilly Says Poker = Patriotism

by , Sep 12, 2009 | 4:12 am

OK, maybe I’m stretching his definition a bit, but still … gotta like the message Factor viewers are getting when Bill O gives a big American thumbs-up to Eva Longoria for hosting her big charity poker tournament in San Antonio this evening:

This tournament, btw, part of the Second Annual Tony and Eva Parker Celebrity Casino Night, is now, I’m almost certain, the biggest charity event in Texas — one of a few, if not the only one, that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars at a pop.

Awesome, and good for the beneficiary, Eva’s Heroes.

The guy instrumental in making this event happen, btw: Phil Hellmuth


Charity Poker Un-Riata’d in Texas?

by , Sep 26, 2008 | 10:32 am

Say what you will about Phil Hellmuth, but he has helped raise more than $1 million for Texas charities, despite gov-connected haters who, for a brief while, tried to squelch his fundraising efforts.

Brian the commenter down below inquired about whether or not you could have charity tourneys with money prizes in Texas, and whether or not you could advertise and promote them. The answer, of course, is … hard to say.

But I definitely have noticed a change back to the older, better ways. Back in the day, tourneys like La Riata used to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars by throwing a terrible-blind-structure event with lots of overpriced rebuys as wealthy Dallasites (and a few Batfaces) competed for a prize that generally consisted of a seat to the WSOP main event. But then the TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) started threatening event hosts with liquor license gankage if they gave away a prize with any money value to the tournament winner — only a raffle was allowed, they said … and this of course was coming at the same time TABC was arresting drunk people in bars.

Anyhow, all this — which really, was fueled by some shady business practices of non-underground tournament operators, not any clear interpretation of the law — led to the bigger events to remove any competition for a prize … Dale Hansen canceled his huge fundraiser at Lone Star Park, Phil Hellmuth had to cancel an event in Houston that stood to raise at least a quarter-mil for the Susan B. Komen Foundation, and big charity events that carried on, like La Riata, basically had to take away every incentive for rebuys, which crippled fundraising efforts.

But after laying low for a couple years, charity events and the lawyers counseling their organizers seemed to re-reinterpreting Texas charity laws, hosting (and promoting) their poker-for-good-causes nonetheless — with real prizes! The Boys & Girls Clubs, Bea’s Kids … they all went off without a hitch. And earlier this summer, probably the biggest such event took place in San Antonio, with Tony and Eva Parker hosting a star-studded red-carpet charity tourney (emceed by Phil Hellmuth, of course) — resetting a standard that suggests it is indeed OK to give away a $10k+ prize package to raise hundreds of k.


Legal Poker Coming to Texas?

by , Mar 6, 2007 | 4:34 am

As Lavigne in Austin informs us, the Texas Poker Act of 2007 will be filed as a bill by Rep. Jose Menendez (D-San Antonio) today.

Click here to read the entire 71-page draft. In fact, feel free to mark it up (assuming you are of intelligent mind) and share your comments here. A little power-to-the-people, yo?

I haven’t read it closely yet, but from what I understand, poker-wise, this bill would let charity tourneys like [tag]La Riata[/tag] go back to giving away real prizes to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars … bars could host small cash games … and racetracks could open poker rooms. All sounds good to Pokerati. Where do we vote yes?

Now from what I’m starting to understand about this politics thing, the bill still has a long way to go. But the new reality is that gambling in Texas is officially on the table in 2007 — just as it was in previous sessions with horse racing and the lottery — and poker has been given special status in that discussion. Kudos to the Texas Card Players Association and Texas Poker PAC (and their supporters) for helping make that happen.

ALT HED: Poker in Da Hizzouse


Ah, Remember the Good Ole Days … when Poker Was for Kids?

by , Oct 18, 2006 | 2:43 pm

La Riata is this Saturday. Once upon a time it was the coolest, bestest, biggest charity tourney in Texas. By giving away a single $10,000 prize, the Texas Stampede was able to draw some 300+ players and raise more than $250,000 for Children’s Medical Center. It was a great way for Dallas sharks to meet willing whales. It still is, but alas, the WSOP main event seat has to be given away by raffle. But hey, last year’s raffle winner, Whit Blanton, parlayed his luck of the draw into a $50,000 display of WSOP skill.

I’ll be honest … La Riata is hurting a bit for players this year. It’s not so clear that they’ll be able to raise even $100k. Another example of Texas children being punished by Texas’ inability to allow any sort of legal poker involving money and prizes. And to some extent, the tournament itself is learning the lessons so many underground operators had to learn:


The key to good poker coverage: More underwear

by , Jul 25, 2006 | 6:34 pm

LAS VEGAS–Thum is griping that Pokerati’s not keeping up with the WSOP news. (I miss you, too, Tummy!) What he says couldn’t be further from fiction. You see, I’ve become rather busy here at the World Series. What started out as a simplish gig doing the PartyPoker corporate blog has transformed into spearheading a new project called Go there for a little more thorough coverage. Or at least more regular coverage …

But with his tactful reminder, I feel like I do need to give a little something more to the readers. So here’s a recap of what’s going on right now at the Rio: lots and lots of poker. But no cash games — all tourney tables today.

Clonie Gowen thong
Oops, my camera accidentally went off here.

Not enough? OK, I think I can find something here in the lost archives … ah, yes, here it is. There’s been much talk about Clonie’s sexy Maxim photo shoot this year. But did you know she did a lingerie photo shoot a while back with Pokerati? Sure, she may have been a little drinky at the time, and possibly unaware that the shoot was going on … but that didn’t stop the good times at last year’s La Riata in Dallas.

Oops, this time my zoom lens accidentally went off.

I don’t think I was the only one who noticed.

Online Poker Pro Scandal?

by , Oct 2, 2005 | 4:20 pm

It’s not often that we see a comment on this blog that merits its own post. In fact, this is the first time … as a certain scoop-minded Grant in Dallas reports to us something that seems worthy of an appearance on Pokerati’s front page:

I always wondered if the Poker Pros really Play on Ulitmate Bet. It turns out at least one doesn’t. I was watching Phil Hellmuth play on UB when I remembered I was planning on going to go see him at the Barnes and Noble in Dallas tonight.

At 7:30pm CT I called Barnes and Noble, and to my surprise, he was there, speaking! The very moment he was playing a hand on Ultimate Bet.

I exposed the situation to the others in the Online card room, I even gave out the Phone number to Barns and Noble. Many players called and confirmed: IT WAS NOT Phil Hellmuth Playing under his UB screen name.

I play at UB and I am a big fan of the site. But having someone pretend to be a pro is a SCAM. People play against the pros for the thrill. Some even play looser than usual. Just to “beat the pro.” That is why I am so troubled by all this.

There is no proof UB is aware Phil does not play under his name. But I have the proof, on at least this nite, he does not.

I am a seasoned TV Journalist who knows how to nail down a story. And I know a Con when I see one. Those playing against the so called “Phil Hellmuth” on UB Sat Night at 7:30 were duped.

The question remains: How many other times have we been duped?

UPDATE: Phil Hellmuth responds directly to Grant’s big call-out here.