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RIP Hans “Tuna” Lund

by , Nov 6, 2009 | 12:36 pm

The day before the November Nine return to conclude the World Series of Poker Main Event comes word from Matt Savage on the passing of poker veteran Hans “Tuna” Lund earlier this morning of cancer at the age of 59. Winner of two WSOP bracelets, along with two appearances at the WSOP Main Event final table (2nd in 1990 and 3rd in 1992). The 1990 final table featured a heads-up duel with Mansour Matloubi, culminating in one of the more dramatic hands in WSOP history (apologies in advance for the tacky promotion running along the bottom of the screen):

WSOP – BAD BEAT – Mansour Matloubi vs Hans Lund

Russ Hamilton Chris Ferguson among ?-marks for Binion Cup

by , May 18, 2009 | 5:13 pm

One of the first “big” WSOP events will be the special, invitational Champions tourney … a non-bracelet freeroll for all previous main event champions, which will be one of only four televised ESPN events. This made-for-TV No-Limit Hold’em brouhaha — where players are competing for a shiny trophy and a red Corvette — should give the old-dog pros a chance to remind the 21st century WSOP millionaires who’s really boss … and the Varkonyis and Golds and Yangs a chance to say, “Hey, I didn’t just get lucky, Doyle Biznatch!”

27 players are eligible … and almost all have pre-registered. Bobby Baldwin ’78 has RSVP’d in the negative. But there’s one interesting name on the list of non-confirmeds* — well actually there’re five, but one of these is not like the others … in fact, as a member of the WSOP PAC, he’s probably on Jeffrey Pollack’s speed dial:

Mansour Maltoubi ’90
Hamid Dastmalchi ’92
Russ Hamilton ’94
Noel Furlong ’99
Chris Ferguson ’00

None of these are holdouts, from what we’re hearing … just MIA. (Though we’re not so sure the WSOP is looking that hard for Russ, because they could always give his invitation to Layne Flack.)

Wicked Chops is on the hunt for them here.

WSOP Final Table Photo Dump

by , Nov 9, 2008 | 1:25 pm

A quick glimpse of what everyone walked into today … and keep scrolling down for what I think, in my unconfirmed opinion, is a serious tell about which two WSOP champions are the most problematic for anyone who gives a shee-ot about poker. (Hint: Russ Hamilton is one of them.)

There’s good happy poker stuff, too. After all, this $32 Million Sit-n-Go is a celebration:


This doesn’t look too different from the Amazon Room.


But on the other side, with the Showgirls and the hottie DJ, you can tell something’s a little different here.


Kelly Kim’s cheering section: “Double Up! Double Up!”


Ivan Demidov’s fans.


Arguably the largest poker crowd in history?


Peter Eastgate’s cheering section. I think “isser ships” means win, or something like that.


Darus Suharto’s peeps.


A long line to get in outside.


It extends quite a ways, as people line up past the gallery of WSOP champions.


Still going … as mentioned, at least one fan with a special player’s guest ticket was trying to scalp it.


More lineage.


More WSOP main event winners.


At first I thought Russ Hamilton’s banner was missing. But then I found it … they put it out of the way, behind the stairs. Duly noted: allegedly steal $15 million from other poker players via the company you run, and your banner will be semi-banished.


But do you recognize who else is hidden behind the stairwell? That’s 1990 champ Mansour Matloubi.


And interestingly enough, not only is he placed out of view and next to Russ Hamilton, but also his year is out of chronological order. I think it’s a tell. Very interesting. He looks really stressed, too. I wonder if anyone else is putting 2+2 together here?

[CORRECTION: Hamilton was the only one blatantly out of order. So maybe not so damning on Matloubi. Still, I’m suspicious.]