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Vegas Grinders: Poker Staycation

by , Mar 22, 2013 | 8:45 am

Crap. Free hotel room on the Las Vegas Strip, and I left my bathing suit at home.

The Wynn Classic wraps up, and so does Erick Lindgren’s brief flirtation with redemption. (LOL-ouch on the bubble.) Likewise, Multi Action Poker is out @AriaPoker (like we knew it would be) but Phil Ivey is in — making a not-so-regular stop to play behind his namesake glass walls. Meanwhile, as Nevadans, we begin to think about playing online again, starting with some online satellite freerolls at … while Dave enjoys a free room at Bally’s — a nice perk for a man hoping to hit it with a bad beat jackpot!

Over @CLVPoker, Hoops and Hold’em is underway; Andrew laments that the one tournament he won has been discontinued. While there may or may not be an upside to being forcibly undefeated, seriously, how-TF do you remove a heads-up bracket tourney from a seasonal series created around March Madness?

Semi-related … can you believe it’s almost pool season?

All that and more in another jam-packed, rip-roarin’ episode of every Vegas local’s favoritisimo new podcast …

Vegas Grinders 1.6
[audio: /VegasGrinders/VG20130320.mp3]

Video of Multi Action Poker at Aria

by , Dec 6, 2012 | 3:03 pm

Here’s some video the new Multi Action Poker game Dave is talking about at Aria in action. While one player at the other end of the table is telling the creator of the game how it should be played, our @RandomPoker reporter in the field is seen quietly taking down a pot.

Props to @ProPoker for capturing the rare moment of Dave winning a hand! (Or was that just half a hand?)

Quirky Game Attempts to Bring Online Multi-tabling to Live Arena

by , | 2:16 pm

One player per hand!? Dave’s multi-stacks at the debut spread-limit hold’em multi-action game @AriaPoker.

Aria Poker launched Multi Action Poker yesterday, a game designed to woo those tired of playing just one hand at a time in a live setting, and perhaps those who miss the concept of multi-tabling online.

In forums and at the tables, players questioned whether the game would succeed. Even some Aria dealers said they knew little about how it would be played. But the game’s inventor, Timothy Frazin, is counting on a hit. He said he’s conducted several trial runs and worked out many of the concerns.

Though a table with two dealer cutouts and wooden slats protruding from the rail might look confusing, the game is simple at its core. Each player is dealt two separate hands, placed over a red spot and a blue spot, separated by a wooden slat, for the respective hole cards and chip stacks.

There are nine players, two dealers facing each other in the center of the table, four decks (two being shuffled, two in play), and ideally two differently colored chip stacks.

“It’s like a football field,” observed one player checking out the new table for the Multi-Action game.