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NV, NY Authorities Look into Cantor Role with Offshore Wagers

by , Oct 29, 2012 | 10:00 am

A Nevada gaming regulator said Thursday that the state’s probe into illegal bookmaking and money laundering that led to the arrest of a Cantor Gaming vice president and seven others in Las Vegas includes the sports book operator itself, focusing on possible regulatory violations.

Jerry Markling, chief of enforcement for the Gaming Control Board, said Thursday that investigators in Nevada have been working with the New York City Police Department’s Organized Crime Investigation Division for the past 15 months to unravel a “large-scale bookmaking operation.”

Gaming and legal sources on Wednesday had said the matter did not involve Cantor Gaming and was unrelated to its business in Las Vegas. The company declined comment Thursday on Markling’s statement.


Can American Casinos Turn Vladivostok into the Next Macau?

by , Oct 18, 2012 | 1:00 pm

The Russian government has wagered $18 billion in infrastructure projects for the southern port city of Vladivostok on a gamble that American casino giants will turn the area into the next Macau.

Vladivostok may also become known for something more than just its proximity to northeastern Asia, a minuscule gaming tax and a market hungry for casinos.

Russian mobsters.

We’re not talking the drug lords that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Belushi chased down in the 1988 film “Red Heat.” Nor do they resemble the arms dealer portrayed by Nicolas Cage in the 2005 movie “Lord of War.”

Today’s organized crime in Russia is disguised as legitimate business operations.

More… CEO still waiting for online poker celebration

by , Oct 9, 2012 | 1:00 pm

Earlier this year, Digital Entertainment co-Chief Executive Officer Jim Ryan was asked to deliver a Global Gaming Expo keynote address.

He thought the event would be a victory lap.

At the time, chances seemed to favor Congress voting to legalize Internet poker.

Gibraltar-based had three partnership agreements in place to jump into the U.S. market.

However, it wasn’t meant to be.

“I thought it would be magical and we would be the toast of the town,” Ryan said Thursday following his G2E presentation at the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

The hourlong discussion turned into a giant $4 billion Internet poker game displayed on large screens in The Venetian’s ballroom.


Nevada gaming revenues top $1 billion for July, up nearly 17 percent

by , Sep 15, 2012 | 1:00 pm

Nevada recorded its second $1 billion gaming revenue month of 2012 during July – the first time in four years the state has seen multiple billion-dollar months – due in large part to a near-record performance in baccarat play.

Nevada casinos collected $1.005 billion from customers during July, according to figures released Monday by the Gaming Control Board.

Revenues increased almost 17 percent from the $860.1 million collected in July 2011.

On the Strip, gaming revenues jumped 27.5 percent to almost $597.5 million, compared to $468.5 million in July 2011.

Baccarat was the driving force behind the revenue increase. Casinos collected $189.9 million gamblers, a jump of 111.8 percent from a year ago. Gamblers wagered $1.2 billion on baccarat during the month, a 28.9 percent increase from a year ago.


Online Poker in Nevada may be Only Months Away

by , Jul 27, 2012 | 4:01 pm

Gamblers could be playing Internet poker in Nevada even before the Legislature has a chance to act on several Gaming Policy Committee recommendations to tweak current state regulations covering interactive gambling.

Gov. Brian Sandoval, following the committee’s final meeting Wednesday before the Legislature convenes in February, said he’s comfortable state gaming regulators are taking appropriate steps to license reputable casino operators and technology providers while protecting players’ interests.

Nevada gaming regulators licensed slot machine makers Bally Technologies and International Game Technology in June to provide interactive gaming products to casino operators. Shuffle Master has received tentative approval as a supplier and could receive final approval soon.

Gaming Control Board Chairman Mark Lipparelli said the first casino operators could be in front of regulators in 60 to 90 days. Once the casino operators are licensed and independent testing labs sign off on the technology, pay-to-play Internet poker could go live within Nevada boundaries before the session begins.


Big Money in Mobile Sports Betting

by , Jul 10, 2012 | 1:24 pm

Online sports books and betting exchanges have been among the leading beneficiaries from the rise in popularity of smartphones and tablet computers among consumers, a report released Monday found.

The Juniper Research report finds more than $13 billion in bets, including more than $3 billion in the United Kingdom, were placed via mobile devices worldwide in 2011, a figure expected to reach $45 billion by 2017.

The report, “Mobile Gaming: Casinos, Lotteries & Betting 2012-2017,” notes that most leading sports books last year experienced a dramatic increase in the volume of bets from European, primarily U.K. customers. Nevada is the only state in the United States with legalized mobile and tablet sports wagering.

“Companies such as Ladbrokes, William Hill and Paddy Power are all seeing 40 percent or more of online sports book customers placing bets via a mobile or tablet, with the result that those devices already account for around 20 percent of bets placed,” said Windsor Holden, the report’s author.

All three bookmakers are expanding into Nevada.


Nevada May Need Partners for Net Poker

by , Jul 3, 2012 | 5:51 pm

Two of the state’s largest slot machine manufacturers received Nevada’s first interactive gaming licenses in June. Regulators could license three more suppliers this month.

Another 30-plus casino operators and gaming equipment providers have interactive license applications on file with the Gaming Control Board. If all goes as planned, gaming regulators could rule on two or three applications per month well into 2013.

Meanwhile, Nevada has handed the technology certification process for Internet gaming systems to two of the industry’s largest testing laboratories, which have certified the equipment used in legal online gaming worldwide.

Based on industry talk, Nevada could have 20 online gaming websites launched in 2013. So why must online poker players wait even longer to place their bets?



Tech Certifications Move Us One Step Closer

by , Jun 24, 2012 | 1:33 pm

A move by Nevada gaming regulators to have independent testing laboratories certify gambling equipment could result in new technology reaching casino floors more quickly.

It also could mean the state’s move into Internet poker might happen on a faster pace.

Last week, slot machine makers Bally Technologies and International Game Technology were licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission to supply potential Internet casino operators with the systems to conduct, manage and monitor online gambling.

The technology Bally and IGT executives said they would use in Nevada is already in use in Europe, where online gaming is already legal in some jurisdictions. However, the technology still needs Nevada certification. The systems should be familiar to Gaming Laboratories International and BMM International, the two private labs registered by the Gaming Control Board on Thursday to test equipment for Nevada.



by , Jun 9, 2012 | 12:45 pm

Brandon Schaefer

Today’s WSOP Boxscore

Brian Hastings $371,498 – Event #12 $10,000 Heads Up
David Arsht $211,921 – Event #13 $1,500 Limit Hold’em
Brandon Schaefer $311,174 – Event #14 $1,500 Shootout
Adam Friedman $269,037 – Event #15 $5,000 Stud Hi-Lo


Sometimes I stop being jaded, and that happens when one of the good guys win. Brandon Schaefer entered the $1,500 NLHE Shootout at the last minute even though he hadn’t planned on playing. He was on leave from the US Army and in town to witness the Electric Daisy Carnival and decided to play an event. After 3 days on the tables, he is the latest WSOP Champion.

Schaefer was an immediate success when he won his first tournament in 2005 at the EPT Deauville and then finished 2nd in the EPT Grand Final. After playing the circuit for years, he decided he wanted a change and enlisted in the US Army to train as a helicopter pilot. He now has a few days to enjoy his victory, and a 300,000 rave of the insane, before he checks in on June 15th for flight training.

Schaefer outlasted 1,137 other players for his first WSOP bracelet, $311,174, and a lot of happy friends.

Ryan Lucchesi at BLUFF Magazine has a very nice writeup.


In other news: Phil Ivey, the greatest player on the planet, made a final table!

And no one showed up.

Link Dump

WSOP Live Stream – Hard to believe it’s taken me this long to link up the WSOP live stream. Other than bizarre idea of putting the secondary feature table on stage in the Pavilion Room, the live stream has been running pretty well with only a few hiccups. A lot of the credit goes to the work of infamous Jay “WhoJedi” Newnum.

Nevada Issues Interactive Gaming Licenses – If you missed it earlier, Howard Stutz reported on the latest meeting of the Nevada Gaming Control Board where Bally Technologies and International Game Technologies were recommended for the first gaming licenses ever to be issued to a manufacturer of online gaming systems.

Women Crushing the 2012 WSOP – Vanessa Selbst, Annette Obrestad, Amanda Musumeci, and Xuan Liu are just a few of the top scoring women this year and Julio Rodriguez has the number breakdown over on CardPlayer.

ESPN Poker: Bloch finally gets his bracelet – Gary Wise has a nice article on Andy Bloch winning his first WSOP bracelet last weekend and his attempts at another.

BLUFF Headlines & Highlights – And bloopers.

Nevada Regulators Give Nod to British Bookmaker William Hill

by , Jun 8, 2012 | 4:09 pm

William Hill PLC, a British land-based and online bookmaker, was recommended on Thursday by state gaming regulators to receive its license to operate three race and sports book companies as well as mobile wagering apps in Nevada.

The recommendation by the three-member Gaming Control Board means William Hill is one-step closer to completing its acquisition of American Wagering Inc., which operates Leroy’s Horse & Sports Place.

The gaming company is also purchasing Brandywine Bookmaking LLC, parent of Lucky’s sports book, and Club Cal Neva Satellite Race and Sports Book division in Northern Nevada. William Hill spent more than $53 million in 2011 to acquire three Nevada companies.


‘Historic’ Nevada license for legal Internet poker clears hurdle

by , Jun 7, 2012 | 2:32 pm

Nevada made its initial stride toward joining the Internet poker world Wednesday, but gaming regulators were quick to note that many more steps are needed before the first hands are dealt.

Slot machine maker Bally Technologies received a unanimous recommendation by the Gaming Control Board for the first interactive gaming license ever to be issued to a manufacturer of online gaming systems.

The matter will be taken up the Nevada Gaming Commission on June 21.

The hourlong hearing in Carson City marked the first time since Nevada gaming authorities approved regulations covering interactive gaming – online poker within the state’s borders – that a company was considered for licensing.

“We’re going to see a myriad of applications,” said Gaming Control Board Chairman Mark Lipparelli. “This is another step. It’s a thoughtful and diligent step, but it’s not the last step. The are no questions about Bally’s underlying suitability. The company will have the first interactive gaming license in the U.S.”


Slot Machine Company to Get First Nevada Online Gaming License

by , | 2:59 am

Can we actually say it yet? December 2012, we’re gonna get not just online poker but full-on online casinos, complete with slot machines and sportsbetting, and maybe even regular-ole made-for-kids video games for money. OK, maybe I’m gettin’ carried away … but it sure does seem that way when a company like Bally’s seems slated for the first online gaming license in Nevada.

Bally Technologies, of course, is the publicly traded Las Vegas-based slot manufacturer who got their start in pinball and video games (including Space Invaders and Pac-Man) and recently wowed the gaming world with introduction of their Michael Jackson slot machine in 2011. Earlier this year, Bally purchased Chili Poker’s parent company’s open-source online gaming platform.

Sportsbook Wagers on WSOP Final Tables

by , May 28, 2012 | 8:07 pm

Poker is a sport, the WSOP and their partners at ESPN would like you to believe. Except when it comes to sports betting because that might violate the Wire Act everywhere except in Nevada (and maybe soon New Jersey) … and all of that is at least tangentially wrapped around your ability to bet on “sports” anywhere with Leroy’s app, owned by British bookmaker William Hill … but I digress … this year you can have extra fun at the WSOP by betting on any player who advances to a tournament’s final day, which also gives backers the ability to hedge and/or press their bets on various WSOP horses who make it deep.

Earlier this month, the Nevada Gaming Control Board approved proposition sports betting on almost all events at the 2012 WSOP. Every event except #1, the $500 casino employees NLH champonship … because letting a representative of one casino bet on his or her gambling activity in another casino and hedging that action in yet another casino … well that would just be crazy … and we don’t even need to get into the absolute nuttiness of what might happen if a WSOP exec were to accidentally win a bracelet.

(Watch it live, with hole cards, on just a 30 5 15-minute delay!)

Plausible perceptions of impropriety aside, my best guess is that Nevada regulators are so confident in their ability to prevent collusion, chip dumping, and made-for-Hollywood murder-for-hire that they’re willing to create opportunities for possible malfeasance just so they can show what isn’t happening … and anything else will eventually right itself with the introduction of complex poker derivatives into the game.

Sports Booking a Win

by , Feb 8, 2012 | 12:33 pm

Not so pokery but when you think about kinda-sorta it really is … Nevada Gaming put out their latest sports betting data on Super Bowl wagers, showing $94 million bet in Nevada’s 184 sportsbooks — significant growth over previous year(s) … with the house actually finishing $5 million on the upside (suckers) this go-round. Though GOPers who just rolled through Las Vegas might want to believe otherwise … some economists (aka my old roommate Sang, who happens to be uber-conservative but otherwise really smart) believe this could be yet another indicator of Vegas recovery, fortuitous for a national economy likely to follow.

Though I’m sure plenty will disagree with the above analysis, I’ll take the upward Super Bowl trend for Nevada sports books as a win.

Meanwhile, semi-related but not really, Delaware is looking into how the new DOJ Wire Act interpretation (heralded by online poker types) could actually help the state offer more-better sports betting options to the masses via the internet.

In Brief: Legal Biznass

by , Dec 8, 2011 | 6:26 pm

We spend so much time reading about poker legal developments here at Pokerati that we sometimes forget to share the relevant news before the cycle turns to something else … and then I complain that our readers here aren’t as smart anymore as they used to be? It doesn’t take a JD to see the flaw in my logic there. Thus, here’s a much-needed batch of recent highlights and hedlines to keep the incessant but important buzz in context … a semi-special link-dump, btw, brought to you by our new-good friends at

First UIGEA Conviction in the Books The DOJ logged their first win on UIGEA charges — making the supposedly weak law thus far undefeated — against online sportsbook operator Todd Lyons. His arrest back in May 2010 shoulda been a big warning sign to American online poker operators (and players?) — and Full Tilt specifically — that the DOJ was coming to get them! []

First Black Friday Trial Date Set John Campos and Chad Elie, the Utah banker and PokerStars payment processor indicted for their role in online poker criminal activity, have a trial date in March … creating a tangible timeline for Black Friday cases and added pressure on the big fish the DOJ really wants — Isai Sheinberg, Ray Bitar, and Scott Tom. [Legal Poker Sites]

MGM Sues Poker Domain Squatters Just as Caesars sued (and won) to obtain the domain, MGM has filed suit to repossess the domains,,,, and Apparently the casino giant thinks they’ll have need for them soon. [VegasInc]

Barton Says Online Poker Bill Still Alive This Congress Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) gave a luncheon keynote at the DGLP, where he spelled out how his online poker bill is moving forward as a piece of stand-alone legislation and/or still could be absorbed into some omnibus bills. Pretty straight-forward, honest-sounding stuff as Barton even talks about his own live real-money play and admits to multi-accounting for play money on PokerStars. [Pokerati Soundcloud]

Adelson Balks at Readiness for Online Poker The poker masses got spun into a tizzy after Vegas politico Jon Ralston “reported” that Las Vegas Sands Chairman Sheldon Adelson has been buzzing around DC that he is morally opposed to online gambling … and that age-verification technology isn’t ready yet. Ralston concludes that this could kill online poker’s chances in Congress as if Adelson alone is more powerful than the combined forces of Caesars, MGM, Steve Wynn, Station Casinos, Boyd Gaming, Michael Gaughan, et al. Quick to cry, some poker players have begun calling for a boycott of Venetian Poker. [Las Vegas Sun]

Nevada Regulations Almost Ready While so many chatter about complex details of future online poker, the Nevada Gaming Commission and State Gaming Control Board seem to be the only ones systematically moving forward with thorough, enforceable rules and regulations for online gaming. In one of the biggest overhauls to state gaming regs in history, they just released a whole bunch of revisions for licensure and suitable ownership that Big and Small casinos alike are paying close attention to. []

Fry Howie? Funny/sad, shortly after Black Friday I thought we might be seeing T-shirts that said “Free Howard!” not “Fry Howard!” But loyalty can be a fickle bitch when you eff up with someone else’s money. Hence this flash creation for players wishing to express their personal outrage against Full Tilt and Howard Lederer violently. [PokerListings]

UB Player Database Leaked Lots of offline debate over how and why nearly 3 million poker-player IDs leaked out. Work of a disgruntled employee or scuttling the ship before UB ultimately hits sea-floor? And will there be more such pressings of self-destruct? [Haley’s Poker Blog]

Rest o’World: Cyprus on Crackdown, South Africa’s Open-Market Mind, German Pre-unification Some of the other key political moves from the rest of the world, as the future of legal online poker (and gambling) actively takes shape … the mediterranean island that isn’t Malta doesn’t have moral opposition, they just want their cut (kinda like Kentucky) … while South Africa continues its progressive-minded movement from staunch opposition to tolerance to active support of online gambling … all while the German province of Schleswig-Holstein’s acceptance of new online poker rules is so big it actually moved some major market needles. [Legal Poker Sites]