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Bingo Technology Makes the Difference

by , Jul 30, 2016 | 5:06 pm

Bingo, as we know, is a game that has been around in many incarnations for hundreds of years — and has been played in its current form since the 1920s. But while bingo declined in popularity towards the end of the 20th century, in recent years it has seen a cultural resurgence. And the key reason the game has had more appeal in recent years: technology.

Since about 2010, bingo has been growing in correlation with the introduction of new electronic technology. This is technology that shows itself in both live and online play. The live bingo hall began going electronic, and fighting for the laws and rules to allow the added games electronic bing facilitates. One of the benefits of this Ebingo is it allows bingo-hall players to move around while still playing, thereby creating support and incentive for bingo halls to add additional dining and entertainment options.


In casinos credit goes to LED technology that has facilitated so many screens that we see all over cities and shopping centers. Brighter, easier-to-read signs showing bingo results have made it more enjoyable for older players to play, and for more players to play — because it is easier to see the signs. Similarly we also are seeing Electronic Bingo Card Marking devices, which make the analog game easier to play. And we are seeing advanced technology in bingo consoles (like the one pictured above) that turn the game operators into electronic DJs.

As bingo becomes a hybrid electronic and analog game, other technologies of benefit are software-based, such as new random-number generators, player databases, and point-of-sale cashier devices. All of it — everything that makes bingo a recreational game of choice — has been influenced by technology in a way that makes it more enjoyable to play, and thus contributes to its growth. And like everything else, the real driver in the past several years can be found in the emergence of mobile technology.

Mobile technology consists of everything that makes phone-surfing more standard, as well as programming language such as HTML5 to make the game-playing experience and user interaction more enjoyable. And it is not just phones. Tablets, too, have been part of that growth curve. Tablet-game revenue has doubled since 2013, and for all those other reasons bingo is part of that growth of any game. 

Mobile bingo is now becoming standard in many online and electronic casinos. The software improvements have taken the game to a new level, with more and more players making the game more fun. Having the game in your pocket makes it easy to play when and where you can do so on your own terms. That’s why if you want to get into the new era of bingo, it’s a good bet to get on with mobile casino, as they have the fun games and advanced technology to make marking up your cards worth your while.