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Put a Personal Poker Coach in Your Pocket

by , May 30, 2012 | 12:36 pm

Private Live Poker Training

Poker training for your pocket. In the car or at the gym, we’re always with you, improving your game. And now, upgrading has never been easier. Through May 31st, subscribe to Stack Em Coaching for just $19.95 per month (Reg $29.95 per month). Save 33 percent off the regular price! The best part? Once you subscribe, your monthly subscription price will never increase. This promotion will run for a limited time only, so act fast!

All you have to do is log in and click here. We’ve made many exciting changes at Stack Em over the first year, and we have many more in store. Online or live, NL or mix, we have what you need to start stacking the competition.

Hope to see you around!

Cash Plays

by , May 18, 2012 | 11:31 am

With the World Series around the corner and the Pokerati NLH/PLO on a Pre-SOP hiatus, I almost forgot to be thinking about my actual play. So what better way to begin insulating my bankroll than by listening to the latest episode of Cash Plays — featuring the biggest sucker outer in Epic Poker history, the one guy I consistently beat in the Pokerati game, and that other guy who I’m pretty sure is a pro!

audio download

Seriously, I know simply by thinking about poker skills and on-table situations (as opposed to poker news, poker laws, etc.) I’ll improve my game and presumably my results. For more serious felt work, they’ve increased the trial membership over at Stack’Em Coaching from three days to seven.

Vanessa Rousso’s 1-day Main Event Prep Course

by , Jun 8, 2011 | 2:58 pm

One of my personal faves, @VanessaRousso, will be hosting a 1-day crash course for the WSOP main event, with strategy discussion specifically geared for this one unique and special tournament. She says she’ll show you how to apply advanced game theory and winning secrets to huge-field deepstack events … as well as instruction on how recent changes to tournament structure affect strategy and play.

It takes place at Aria Casino on July 7, during Day 1A of the WSOP main event. Read below for more information if you want to go. Of all the boot camps out there, I think this one will probably be the best because Vanessa’s a girl, and everyone knows girls are smarter than boys. Tee-hee.


Plussin’ My EV: Punk Kid Gonna Teach Me how to Better-Play

by , Mar 25, 2011 | 2:32 am

Online baller and live-action unballer Shaun Deeb apparently has heard about my prowess at Zynga Texas Hold’em… where I’ve been killing the 5/10 game on their Las Vegas server. Yep, after giving up on Tilt and Stars back in ’08, I’m back on the online poker horse; and now Deeb apparently thinks he can turn me into a real player. Or maybe a playa?

zynga poker dan

Clearly I’ve got skillz … But I’m still headed to Deeb’s boot camp this weekend … because as anyone who’s played 1/2 with me recently in 2008-11 can attest, my live-action game might-could benefit from a little tweaking.

Gotta do something so I can hang at the real tables (without needing multiple rebuys) right? Check out the details at (Scroll down to get to the goods.)

The Next Maven Bootcamp

March 4-6

by , Feb 11, 2011 | 5:59 am

A while back we were hearing that some 60 million Americans played poker. We have since learned about 36 million of those are really just playing on Facebook. But here in Vegas, some 20 a month are learning to play better anyway. Doing the really loosely conservative math (is that an oxymoron?) that makes for about 1 player out of a million taking the active steps to become a winning (or more-winning) player … as apparently just reading a book doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

David Chicotsky’s and Ari Engel’s next 3-day boot camp is March 4-6. I really hope a few Pokeratizens sign up … because a) both guys are good Pokerati people; and b) the more who do, the more shit I can give “the maven” about putting the one guy wearing Ed Hardy as the frozen-screen image on his YouTube commercial.

Click here for more info on what The Maven Training entails … or, since most of you already know the basics of what that’s all about (his alumni can already claim more than $2 million in tournament winnings — an average of nearly $20k per student), you can just go here to make a deposit and reserve your seat for the March sessions.

Live Poker Training in Las Vegas

Monday Morning Shill

by , Jan 24, 2011 | 5:00 am

A little reminder that The Maven Training boot camp gets underway next weekend … and Pokerati readers get a discounted price. By all means it’s an investment of time and money … that’s why they call it boot camp! No push ups, but otherwise rather intense. If you don’t see the proven ROI in being a Maven graduate, well then you’re probably not ready to step up your game.

Real life training for poker live and online, with a community of continued support and education. Click here for the Pokerati discount, and otherwise just be sure to tell ’em we sent you.

Special for Pokerati Readers

Maven Training Boot Camp on the Cheap

by , Jan 13, 2011 | 10:10 pm

Was talking about the Pokerati game @AriaPoker with David Chicotsky the other day. “I know,” he said, referring to my re-pop with top set and royal-flush redraw. “I folded a set of 6s. I really don’t understand how you don’t go broke in that game.”

Pshaw! The Maven left early and down about $80. Of course he didn’t yet know that I did go bust that night x3. And I did know he knew I knew he had aggressive tendencies, too. So hrrmmm, maybe I really shoulda just called …

Chicotsky explains the key to a good table image is spikey hair.

One of these days I will get around to getting serious about my actual on-the-table play. I did get a gift certificate for some PLO books for Christmas, but I guess reading excerpts on Amazon doesn’t count?

The Maven and Bodog Ari are having another one of their 3-day boot camps, Jan 28-30. I’ve seen them in action as teachers before … at the only actual live poker school in Las Vegas (like they have their own permanent address and everything, even a kitchen) … and it really is an impressive course … no wonder all those mavenites laughed (at me?) when I asked if we needed to take notes.

Online "kids" may be changing poker, but it seems to be an older, balder set learning their ways as they move up in limits.

Maven training graduates have gone on to win millions — though the exact number is currently under dispute as their private community of alumni debate whether or not Joe Cheong’s main event finish should count as a $4 million win or $4 million loss.

Drop this website’s name (Pokerati if you’re slow) and get 25 percent off on tuition to the upcoming sessions. Or just sign up here. Proven Positive EV.

Old School Poker

CardRunners presents …

by , Dec 28, 2010 | 3:30 pm

CardRunners, as you know, recently celebrated their 5th birthday … quite a milestone when you consider that means Jungleman couldn’t even drive yet when they first came into being.

As a reminder of where you can go for the best ROI on your gifted holiday monies, here’s a peek at poker in the old days, with CR honcho Taylor Caby showing how the poker skills they teach you at CardRunners played out in a different era:

And if you’re still too cheap/broke to pony up real bucks for education, they still have financial aid available allowing you to earn CardRunners credits through Truly Free Poker Training … TFPT is for current CardRunners members as well as those newbies who have yet to take seriously their resolution to be a winning poker player.

CardRunners’ First Nikachu Video

Free Poker Training from Winner of CR’s Online Poker Instructor Idol

by , Nov 11, 2010 | 8:05 am

It’s easy to see why Nikachu won CardRunners’ Video Challenge. Seriously, not bullshitting … call me under-educated in the new math of online poker, but this may be the best poker schooling vid I’ve seen. It’s certainly different, as a matter of both style and substance, and this player I was pretty sure was something out of Pokemon got me thinking about poker in new ways … yet ways that seem to make simple sense. (We’ll see how it all applies next time I sit down.)

Sometimes funny, too!

Am I right? Don’t he rabbits make it so much easier?!?And who knew it could be so easy to fold such monsters early in a hand. You can get more from Nikachu’s poker training at CardRunners for free via Truly Free Poker Training, which takes your standard online play to accumulate access to CR’s library of more than 2,000 training videos by the only players who consistently seem to be winning these days.

CardRunners Goes Adult Contemporary with Addition of Nicolak

by , Oct 18, 2010 | 3:52 pm

CardRunners hired Nicolak because their other pros needed someone who could buy beer.

Finally … a new pro at CardRunners I can relate to. The kids at CR are smart and all — and really do offer probably the very best poker training available on the internet — but as I’m sure many of you who’ve signed up for TrulyFreePokerTraining have discovered, they also can be a reminder of the life hard-working poker players over 32 will never live no matter how many MTTs you take down.

Something about John Kim, aka Nicolak, the newest CardRunners instructor, connects with the aggressively balding. Not sure if it’s because he can remember a day when Atari was our internet, or because his scores have come in tournaments that seem a little more realistic to a lower-stakes player. Check out his Hendon Mob stats. He also recently began cohosting Cash Plays on PokerRoad, with Jeremiah Smith, a skill-based show I don’t listen to enough.

I’ve played with Nicolak once, at Detox, and he certainly doesn’t fit the mold of your typical high-stakes online aggro-baller. In fact, he seems way too mentally fit and life-steady to be a truly successful poker pro. But he must be doing something right …

Check out his personal blog, where he writes about balancing the game as a career while supporting a loving family and fantasy football team. He’s been publicly chasing a $1million bankroll goal all year, and is only about a quarter of the way there so far. You can just see his pursuits are a more familiar grind to many, whereas I’m not so sure they are yet for Jungleman.

Read his introduction to CardRunners here. And then get on over to TFPT for some free poker training, as Nicolak will soon have videos showing the keys to his slightly smoother jazz.

Heads-up vs. Strong Players

CardRunners Training with PoorUser …

by , Oct 11, 2010 | 10:33 am

Today’s CardRunner’s instruction comes from utility coach PoorUser, who comes to high-level poker with an advanced degree in Starcraft, a military science fiction strategy video game. Clearly CR is assembling an ever-expansive crew of instructors comprised of the coolest party animals on campus.

Kinda interesting here to watch his heads-up thinking giving lessons while playing ZeeJustin:

Remember, you can geek out for profit by studying with CardRunners poker trainers for free via

Steve Albini, the Jungleman of Razz?

CardRunners presents …

by , Sep 30, 2010 | 8:08 am

Albini: Rock & Roll razz teacher.

That’s probably a stretch, referring to any Razz player as Jungleman … but hey, as of this moment he’s the most skilled and accomplished Razz player I’ve ever met studied on a training video. Or actually, maybe his sidekick, Brandon Shack (aka Oscillator) is the better player. It’s hard to say, but they seem to have rather different philosophies on playing the game that most of us got to know from a single Final Table hand in 2004 — you know, the one where Howard Lederer and TJ Cloutier taught us that Razz could indeed be a painful game?

(That hand, of course — they had the same low until the river — led me to my first and only bracelet, in Razz, in the 2005 $1,500 event on the PlayStation. I should clearly be in the TOC!)

Anyhow, that’s why I liked this video. And though I still have no plans to ever add Razz to any 1/2 NLH/PLO game I’m pimping, getting in the middle of an intense poker convo about the nuances of Razz does leave me feeling a bit better prepared should I ever end up in the game Vegas-local aggro-nit Rex really wants to host – NLH/PLO/Razz:

Albini, btw, is a rather interesting dude — a guy who comes to poker from the music biz. He worked as a producer on albums by Nirvana, Bush, the Pixies, Flogging Molly, the Jesus Lizard (Chris Ferguson, lol?), Helmet, Cheap Trick, and Robert Plant. Apparently he became quite the badass legend amongst producers in the underground-alt scene. Neato.

Reminds me that I’m glad I’ve signed up to get this type of specialist poker training for free from CardRunners with their Truly Free Poker Training.

(Online) Poker’s Next Generation

CardRunners presents … the best player in Denmark, obv

by , Sep 23, 2010 | 5:45 am

Mickey Petersen: could be the Lebron James of Poker.

Quick lesson today — from another 20-year-old kid who seems decidedly anti-baller despite going on a hella baller tear since he began his “career” two-and-a-half years ago. Now a CardRunners instructor after turning pro fresh outta high school, Mickey Petersen, known among avid onliners as Mement_mori, is in the running for CardPlayer’s Online Player of the Year at #13 … and ranks 2nd in the world over at 5+5, with qualifying results spread across 18 pages.

Though CardPlayer’s OPOY counts only $1.05 million earned with 18 final tables and two wins in the past year, Pocket Fives totals his wins at $2.7 million. But the stat I find most mind-blowing with this Gen-Z Magic player (inspired by the likes of David Williams, Eric Froehlich, and Dario Minieri to make the crossover into poker, he tells CardPlayer) … Petersen’s average cash is $1,527 … in 1,778 money finishes! Gotta think Phil Hellmuth couldn’t claim more than double that (live and online) over his entire life even if he included cash games … which says a lot because Hellmuth had already won the main event before Peterson was even born.

With Peter Eastgate retired and Gus Hansen one of the losingest players of the year (even if he takes down a WSOPE bracelet today ), seems like Mement_mori (Latin for “Remember you will die”) has easy claim as the best player in Denmark even though he has yet to cash in a live event. It doesn’t cost online players a thing to get their Cardrunners schooling with financial aid from Truly Free Poker Training. (Sign up here – promise you’ll qualify.)

New World Poker Primer

CardRunners presents … JBaller88

by , Sep 15, 2010 | 5:57 pm

More CardRunners training … this time from Jimmy Ackerman, known as JBaller88, one of CR’s low-stakes 6-max NLH coaches. I think he’s like a poor man’s Jungleman. Watching his lessons, I hear things pulled from a poker glossary I musta missed in the back of Super/System.

In this little snippet alone you’ve got advanced progressive poker thinking that can include 3-barrel bluffs, value-bluffs, wet boards, dry boards, and how to counter the “3-bet” you hear so much about these days … not to mention situations for optimal 3-draws. It’s the kinda stuff that frustrates the hell outta old-dog poker traditionalists (I think) and yet for a generational poker tweener like yours truly, JBaller’s explanations all somehow make sense.

If you’re a super-cheap bastard without a bankroll because you haven’t yet learned how to 3-bet in a 4-barrel world JBaller’s got another free vid up at CardRunners … and of course you can get full access to CardRunners’ poker training for free here.

CardRunners New Instructor: Nikachu

First CR Video Challenge winner

by , Sep 2, 2010 | 8:12 am

A note from @CRLana in Chicago that we’re happy to pass along to Pokerati readers (emphasis added) … and congrats indeed! We should like hang out sometime and/or follow each other on Twitter:

Congratulations to Jonathon “Nikachu” Zaczek, winner of the inaugural CardRunners Video Challenge. Along with the $5,000 Grand Prize, Zaczek has also signed as a new video instructor at CardRunners. View the winning video here.

Polls were open for two weeks and voting was very close. Fewer than 30 votes separated the top 3 finishers of our contest.

Final standings of the Video Challenge are:

1st Place – $5,000 – Jonathon “Nikachu” Zaczek

2nd Place – $2,500 – Matthew Janda

3rd Place – $1,000 – Lee Przytula

4th Place – $500 – Bryce Paradis

5th Place – Chip Set ($175 value) – Johan “Roundkick” Ryning

Thank you for all who participated and please keep an eye out for future contests at CardRunners.

As always, if you haven’t done so already, give yourself an edge over someone who likes to play online poker but is lazier than you by signing up for free poker training from CardRunners.