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Celebrity Follow: Lou Diamond Phillips

by , Jul 12, 2009 | 10:25 am

Lou Diamond Phillips is the lone (non-poker) celebrity remaining in the main event, with a respectable 607,000 chips. (Avg. is 481k.) I’ve played with him once before … and it was a memorably odd night of poker, to say the least.

The recap of that eve has been lost in the old-old Pokerati archives, but I was able to dig up some pics from that eve:

(L to R) Lou D Phillips, Clonie, and The Big Randy in an intense hand of 50-cent-dollar no-limit hold’em at The Lodge.

LDP (as we called him before he became @LouDPhillips) was in town for the Deep Ellum Film Festival, so Robert Wilonsky invited him to a $.50/$1 Batface game at The Lodge. Clonie Gowen and Rick Fuller were there, as was David Williams I believe. Lou was actually running over the table … building his stack to about $700, which was very threatening in that game. Then Jerome Bettis showed up (out of nowhere and uninvited, btw) … The Bus was apparently at The Lodge on unrelated lap-lovin’ business, and couldn’t help but pull away when he heard there was a poker game going on in the champagne room.

Ahh, remember the good-ole-days of 2005, when poker was on its exponentially fast pop-cultural rise, and nights like these happened all the time?

But then things got kinda strange as Lou began playing shirtless and was flexing whenever he pushed all-in …

Bizarre, I know … but hey, it’s a small poker world.

(Way) Outside the WSOP – Day 35

by , Jun 30, 2009 | 7:19 am

Recapping Monday night’s tournament action:

Final Table Set in 50k HORSE

The final table of the $50,000 HORSE was established early Tuesday morning, with Gus Hansen the unfortunate final table bubble boy. Here’s how the final table will be seated, with streaming coverage starting around 2pm PT at and

Seat 1: Ville Wahlbeck – 645000
Seat 2: Erik Sagstrom – 3675000
Seat 3: John Hanson – 1700000
Seat 4: Huck Seed – 1380000
Seat 5: Vitaly Lunkin – 2490000
Seat 6: David Bach – 2345000
Seat 7: Erik Seidel – 965000
Seat 8: Chau Giang – 1075000

While Lunkin and Wahlbeck will be trying to win their 2nd WSOP bracelet this year, Wahlbeck will lead the WSOP Player of the Year race with just two tournaments remaining if he finishes first.

Carsten Joh Wins One for Germany

Carsten Joh took down the next to last $1,500 NL Holdemtournament picking up a WSOP bracelet and $664,426, besting Andrew Chen in heads-up play.

DeWitt DeLeader in Triple Chance

Jason Dewitt (1,599,000) leads the remaining field of 16 in the $3,000 Triple Chance as they play down to a winner starting at 1pm this afternoon. Among those trailing behind Dewitt: Alex Millar (1,006,000), Karga Holt (715,000), Jason Somerville (320,000), Max Greenwood (294,000), Eric “rizen” Lynch (230,000) and An Tran (216,000).

Swinford Stud Leader

Brian Swinford leads (292,000) the day 3 field of 14 in the $1,500 Stud Hi/Lo 8 or Better when play resumes at 1pm this afternoon. Notables remaining: Chad Brown (284,000), Max Stern (216,000), Allie Prescott (202,000), Richie Sklar (134,000), Matt Savage (106,000) and Vince Burgio (40,000).

Christensen Leads Final $1500 NL Event

Jon Christensen of Oslo, Norway leads the field when day 2 of the $1,500 NL Holdem returns Tuesday afternoon with 160,800 in chips with action resuming at 2pm. Among the notables among the 397 returning players: Alexandre Gomes (76,000), Raymond Rahme (51,800), Dean Hamrick (39,500), Richard Lee (and his San Antonio sweatshirt – 34,300) and Vivek Rajkumar (31,800). 297 players will get paid over the next two days as they get close to the final table by the 3am deadline.

2-7 Triple Draw

Adam Ewenstein (71,800) leads the returning 73 players for Day 2 of the $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball, with only 24 players making the money when play resumes at 2pm. Notables returning: Rick Fuller (55,200), Blair Rodman (46,500), Tuan Le (42,000), Justin “Boosted J” Smith (33,700), Shawn Sheikhan (31,100), Julie Schneider (25,700), David Sklansky (22,600), and Jimmy “Gobbo” Fricke (18,700).

Tuesday’s Tournament

The final preliminary tournament of this year’s WSOP starts at 12 noon with the $5,000 NL Holdem 6-max event, won last year by Joe Commisso in a field of 805 for over $900,000. The WSOP Staff Guide projects a field of 865 today, which could delay the start of Day 2 in the $1,500 NL and $2,500 Triple Draw Lowball events.

Live updates of the last day of six tournaments begins around noon at and Pokerati will surely have all sorts of stuff during the other parts of Tuesday.

(Way) Outside the WSOP – Evening 14 Update

by , Jun 9, 2009 | 8:25 pm

Some updates from this afternoon’s activities, starting with a video on Brian Lemke’s bracelet victory in the $5,000 NL holdem event, dedicated to Justin Shronk:

Daily WSOP Bracelets: Brian Lemke from

New Women’s World Champion

Lisa Hamilton made her first tournament a successful one, taking down the $1,000 Ladies NL Holdem World Championship for a final table that lasted less than four hours, collecting $195,390. Lori Bender was the runner-up good for $120,575.

The Spectacular Six in Omaha

The $10,000 Omaha 8 or Better World Championship is down to their final six players after the eliminations of Rich Zhu, Annie Duke and Tom Koral. Scott Clements is still the chip leader, with John Monnette, Daniel Alaei and Daniel Negreanu in hot pursuit.

Six-max Field Shrinking

Day 2 of the $2,500 NL Holdem 6-Max event is down to just 51 players as they’re playing to a final table tonight with Brian Meinders the current chip leader at 610,000. Other notables remaining include Rick Fuller (201,000), Brock Parker and Erick Lindgren (135,000 each), Bill Edler (118,000) and Howard Lederer (72,000).

Taking it to the Pot-Limit, One More Time

Yet another smaller field than last year began as 633 entrants started the $1,500 Pot-Limit Holdem event (down from 713). 161 players will remain when they return from their dinner break shortly. Jeremiah Vinsant is the reported chip leader at 58,000. Other notables with chips include Joe Sebok (44,000), Blake Cahail (27,000) and Kevin Song (25,000).

HORSE-ing Around

The $3,000 HORSE event drew a field of about 400, final numbers will be released later this evening. Unfortunately, no one’s broken out yet in the first couple of levels, so check out later this evening or tomorrow morning’s update for further details.

Adventures of Ho-Chips?

by , Mar 16, 2009 | 12:53 am

I’m not sure what to make of this video … I think I like it, but I also like documentaries about insects and the Steve Wilkos Show … and if Tao of Pokerati can talk to hookers with the likes of Benjo and Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot, then why can’t Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho walk the streets of San Jose in pursuit of hockey tickets, which they acquire with assistance from Layne Flack and Rick Fuller? Would dismiss it as just a personal non-pokery vid (and not worth posting) but they did add music to the background:

Phil Hellmuth Wins 11th WSOP Bracelet

by , Jun 11, 2007 | 10:12 pm

LAS VEGAS–With Doyle Brunson still alive at the final four tables of the $5,000 limit hold’em event, Phil Hellmuth just won his 11th World Series of Poker bracelet. Because of a weird quirk pertaining to the super-secret semi-live internet broadcast, the official site won’t have this info up for another hour.

But we know it happened … because Doyle and Johnny Chan just made the bracelet presentation.

We still don’t know who finished second and third, by the way … so I am just going to assume it was Rick Fuller. Nice job, dude!

CORRECTION: Rick got 3rd, winning him $247,518. Silver medal goes to Andy Philacheck ($395k) And Phil got the 11th bracelet … and $637k.

UPDATE: Doyle Brunson went out in 35th place in the quest for the next limit hold’em bracelet.

Big Final Table Action, Sorta

by , | 9:34 pm

tomwin2.JPGLAS VEGAS–When Tom won a bracelet last week, he did it Jamie Gold-style — got hit in the head with the deck then successfully wielded his chip-lead for the duration of the tourney. Now they’re down to six at the final table in the $2,500 HORSE event, and this time Schneider is playing more “cockroach” style … they just can’t seem to kill him. He’s had pretty much a short stack throughout the tournament, and yet when he’s starting to look like he’s in a really bad place … he wins a big hand.

Tom’s wife Julie is back in town, whooping it up with semi-suggestive screams that might turn into the best/worst peanut gallerying since “Aussie Aussie Oy Oy!”

Click here to follow the hand-by-hand action.

UPDATE: “Mama Mizrachi” is very nervous, because her son Robert is all-in — OK, she’s better now as he just survived … twice! “Write it down! Write it down! He was almost out and now he’s not!”

Robert Goldfarb would also like to say hi to Smooshy. Um … of the 24 people semi-watching this final table, eight of them could be defined as “goofy.”

The freestanding ESPN cameras have started circling to get the occasional shot. But all the real TV action is in the super-secret-hidden-table … where Rick Fuller and Andy Philachack are left trying to take down Phil Hellmuth, who apparently has a very large chip lead. But no one really knows anything about what’s going on in this event. The idea behind it is great — let’s broadcast final tables on the internet. But check out this picture of all the action/history that may or may not be going on:


Sunday Poker Sunday

by , | 4:33 am

LAS VEGAS–So wow, quite a day … I actually watched some poker today, which happened to be the biggest single-day tournament turnout in history.

(All this while being educated and re-re-educated by Oliver Tse on the Asian Online Futures market).

Michele made it into the money in the $1,000 “World Championship” Ladies No Limit Texas Hold’em, and will be fighting to go deep at 2 pm Vegas time tomorrow — 66 players remain. Tourney info here. And a Day 1 recap here.

Tom made it into the money in $2,500 HORSE and is in strong chip position to seek another final table — 24 players left. Tourney info here.

Karridy ended up sticking around in Vegas another day. New episode of Beyond the Table here.

And lo and behold, Pokerati/Batface friend Rick Fuller is the chip leader at the final table in $1,500 NLH. Right behind him is Phil Hellmuth. Tourney info here.

Go People!