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What’s Your Poker Story?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times …

by , Jul 8, 2009 | 3:31 am

As you probably know, the PPA is collecting short videos at The purpose, as far as I can tell, is to put something together for the coming legislative push that (quickly) shows on-the-fence Congresspeople that poker players are a diverse group of citizens, who care about the game for more than degenerate reasons, and ultimately that the our bills tap into a motivate-able mass spread across a wide spectrum of the American populace. Here’s PPA Chairman Al D’Amato’s poker story:

LOL, you can see why the PPA needs your help. (No offense, retired Senator … just saying they probably need more than just you to convey their message.) All it takes is a minute or two in front of your computer cam and a few clicks. I tried to submit mine, but it apparently violated YouTube TOS. (Hey, I can’t help that I learned so much at The Lodge. So she was naked … it’s still a bad beat.) So in the meantime, as a placeholder for Dan’s poker story, I’ve submitted this:

For a bunch of really good ones (and some humorously not so good) check ’em out the poker stories here. On a serious side, OK, I’m making a little light, but these really are a good reminder of why the fate of a silly little computer game matters to so many.


by , May 21, 2007 | 3:22 pm

It just occurred to me that with all this serious poker news going down, it may seem like poker people never have any fun. That’s hardly the case, of course — just ask Shane about the runner-runner(s) I hit him with last week.

As usual, when I’m looking for a pokery pick-me-up, I see what Tuff_Fish has to say. Click here for one of his more enjoyable recent outings. And as is always cool with the internet, looking for one thing often helps you find something else. The latest entertaining discovery … Tuff_Bot:

Not sure if Tuff_Bot was part of the low-stakes bot ring allegedly running on Full Tilt according to some 2+2ers. But hey, bots are a reality in our online poker future, so we can only hope most of them are like the one above.

Semi-back in Action, Baby (!)

by , Mar 1, 2007 | 11:24 am

Ahh, I’m back. Sorry for the absence, particularly in such critical poker times. Boy, I have to admit, it was actually kinda nice to be computerless and free from the bonds of email replies, Firefox tabs, and obnoxious commentors I really missed each and every one of you.

The good news is that Pokerati has a brand new hard drive — where things are cleaner than ever — and newfound incentive to get all sorts of electronic shit in proper order. The bad news is that we lost an entire hard drive that may or may not have been “backed up” at some point in 2006.

So if you were one of about 700 people awaiting an email reply from me … well, it probably ain’t gonna happen. Sorry. Seriously. We lost all those emails — including ones from good friends looking to catch up, potential clients just itching to give us money, spammers looking to sell me a bigger penis, and born-again Christians looking to save our gambling souls. Free at last! I mean, damn, that really sucks. Another key document lost was our future-major-hunkin’ spam database. You see, for three years, whether you knew it or not, Pokerati had been accummulating personal and electronic data on thousands of poker players — amateur schleps and major pros alike. Creepy, I know. But supposedly this information is valuable, and I’m pretty sure it will prove difficult to recreate from memory.

Hey, that’s poker, right? Anyhow, we are back in action … sorta. I’m still working on reinstalling various software, which requires digging up all sorts of passwords, product keys, and encryption codes that were saved on the old hard drive and never written down. Thanks for your patience, and maddest props to Fresh Princess, Karridy, and The Big Randy for holding down the fort while I briefly considered jumping out a second-story window.


More Tuff_Fish Fun

by , Jan 28, 2007 | 6:44 pm

We’ve all been there man … be careful what you wish for, right?

You’ll notice he’s playing under different names now, and blocking out his identity. In this one you could almost swear his opponent was gonna turn over the JQ-spades:

UPDATE: Well whaddya know … he’s got a blog.

Friday Funsies

by , Jan 26, 2007 | 11:44 am

Do you miss PartyPoker? Yeah, me too. But fortunately for us, a player named Tuff_Fish has been kind enough to share his endeavors at the $10-$20 table for our entertainment:

(note: be careful with sound if at work.)

Thanks, Woodrow, for the links!

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