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Opening for Layne Flack

by , Mar 11, 2009 | 4:38 pm

Tune in to Wise Hand Poker on Rounders Radio … right now Gary is talking to Hevad Khan, and then I go on to talk about … um … uh … (Gary, are you busy right now? I gotta question for you …) … and then after all that, he’ll have on Layne Flack, where he promises to ask him about hanging with Russ Hamilton and his most recent dalliances with the law.

Listen live.

Eventually you’ll be able to find the podcast here.

RE: DanM Live on Wise Hand Poker

by , Dec 4, 2008 | 2:23 pm

This was my “career horoscope” yesterday:

Assuming you understand others is a big mistake. Bypass the analysis and stick to your own work.

Oops, but oh well, too late now … The podcast is up.

Because Gary Wise relies on me to tell him and his listeners how to think Hevad Khan canceled … (right)click here to listen to/download the entire episode (including the opening segment with Dewey Tomko) or press the buttons below to hear my segment — where GW hems and haws as I analyze the 60 Minutes and Washington Post pieces, then speculate wildly on the cheating scandals and their relationship to the present business/legal/political landscape and what it all may or may not mean for the future of the entire world! poker industry.

Wise Hand Poker (feat. Dan from Pokerati) 42:08


The 2007 WSOP Media Award Goes To…

by , Jul 18, 2007 | 5:28 pm

Just before reaching the Amazon room the carpet turns to marble and suddenly one is faced with an option…straight ahead – food and poker, turn to the left – poker and poker sweatshirts and juuuuust right…the media room.

Every morning I made the right choice of the media room to set up shop and claim my spot. I can only wonder if everyone else had the same thoughts during the long haul of the hallway…Will there be a stranger in my seat? Will I be able to get a seat? Has someone eaten the last chocolate croissant?
These questions would remain unanswered if you didn’t posses the goods (a media badge) to pass through security (at least the first and last week of the 2007 WSOP).

John was our afternoon security guard who smiled, waved and always asked how we were doing.
John, who was in the ARMY and recently moved to Vegas, liked Gary Wise the best of the media crowd because he was “funny.”

Gary, seen holding an ice cream cone in photo, said it was mostly because he gave him the knuckle thing. What is that hand thing called? You know, the one that’s like a high five/hand shake but avoids germs by just touching knuckles?

Congratulations Gary! You made John’s job enjoyable.