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American Record Industry to Pay the Price For UIGEA

Musicians penalized for online poker restrictions #WTF?

by , Jul 16, 2009 | 12:19 pm

There’s a new company in the song (and video) downloading game — — and its entire business model is based on selling “pirated” copies of American songs and movies, as permitted by WTO sanctions against the United States for infringing on Antigua’s ability to compete in the online gambling industry.

Click below for the press release announcing Zookz’s existence. From what we understand, ZookZ offers a subscription-based model for unlimited monthly movie and music downloads. It is not pay-per-song like iTunes, nor a file-sharing “service” like LimeWire or BitTorrent. Members simply download stuff directly from Zookz’ servers in Antigua. Supposedly the new company operates within the parameters of the 2007 WTO ruling between Antigua and the United States, which allows them to break US copyright law to the tune of $21 million/year.

What’s not clear is if that means they can peddle $21 million worth of rights-protected bits, or run a business limited to $21 million in profit. Either way, I gotta think the ever-litigious RIAA won’t take lightly that much money being ganked from its artists. Could be wrong … we’ll see.

UPDATE: TechDirt, for a non-poker perspective.