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Darvin Moon vs. Joe Cada

New Poll: How Long a Heads-up Battle?

by , Nov 9, 2009 | 7:34 am


That’s what we wanna know … after Saturday/Sunday’s marathon 9->2 session … how long do you think the heads-up battle between Darvin Moon and Joe Cada will go?

They’re currently in Level 39, with blinds at 500k/1000k + 150k.

Moon has almost the same number of chips he started with, 58,850,000, while Cada, who started with just 13,215,000, now has all the rest — 135,950,000.

What they’re fighting for, essentially: $3.36 million in cash, and then everything else that goes with being WSOP champ.

NOTE: In our previous unscientific poll, Moon got the second-most votes … Cada fourth-most.

The record for WSOP heads-up battles is 7 hours 10 minutes, set by Chip Reese vs. Andy Bloch in 2006. Before that it was 7 hours, in the 1983 main event … where after Doyle Brunson busted out in 3rd on a semi-bluff, an unknown from Michigan, Tom McEvoy, beat Rod Peate for $580,000:

BTW, for a fun historical perspective, watch the start of the television coverage of the 1983 final table here.

Tao of Pokerati

by , | 5:13 am

As the November 9->2 comes to a close, Pauly and I evaluate the make-up (TV- and industry-wise) of the Final Three … and when Antoine Saout goes down, a double-crushed Benjo finds himself baffled by Joe Cada yet still tickled that his countryman’s play allowed him to lock himself in a giant room for 17+ hours to witness this final table spectaculaire.

Episode 7: The Final 3

Episode 8: Wave the Flag

For seriously the best summary of what went down yesterday, it’s all there at Tao of Poker

Bustout Interview: Antoine Saout, 3rd Place

by , Nov 8, 2009 | 8:22 am

Bustout Interview: Eric Buchman, 4th place

by , | 8:21 am

Bustout Interview: Jeff Shulman, 5th Place

by , | 6:50 am

Bustout Interview: Steve Begleiter, 6th Place

by , | 4:38 am

The Biggest Inverse Hush So Far

by , | 1:22 am

This time short-stacked Phil Ivey got it all-in with AK vs. Darvin Moon’s AQ. The crowd has erupted to chants of “I-VEY, I-VEY, I-VEY!”

Ivey tries to hold back a smile … biting into an apple to hide his smirk.

UPDATE: And ooooh, Pokerati’s fave final table dealer Linda Tran delivers a Queen in the window.

The crowd still gives a standing ovation … more chants of “Ivey, Ivey!” … Phil Hellmuth chases him down … Ivey keeps walking, apparently not wanting to talk. He’s on stage immediately giving his ESPN bustout interview. He looks nonchalant and pissed and disgusted at the same time.

Obviously the tenor of this tournament just changed dramatically. No?

Bustout Interview: Kevin Schaffel, 8th Place

by , Nov 7, 2009 | 7:56 pm

Bustout Interview: James Akenhead, 9th Place

by , | 7:23 pm

The Biggest Hush So Far

by , | 7:22 pm

We’re 6 hours into the action, Phil Ivey is All-in (with ~ 20 BB in his stack) and Jeff Shulman is in the tank ….

The crowd is shushing each other all of the sudden. And re-shushing. It’s like everyone in here understands that this tourney does change dramatically if and when Ivey goes out.

UPDATE: Shulman folds. Crowd cheers.

Seriously, wow, that was different. Phil Ivey is different. (Can’t wait to see who had what with that hand.)

Now on to level 36 … 250k/500k blinds … 50k ante.

Semi-live Everything Blog

by , | 6:48 pm

So much craziness going on, and we’ve hardly covered any poker. James Akenhead hit a sick three-outer — the crowd erupted — to triple up, and Antoine Saout called an all-in bluff from Darvin Moon with two pair to stay alive … that was like over an hour ago when this post started.

So here’s a rundown of the off-the-table things that have gone on … and maybe a few on-table situations as well.

HAND UPDATE: Akenhead vs. Schaffel … KK < AA and Schaffel doubles up to stay alive. Thanks to @haribo22 for sneaking me in to the special Harrah’s VIP room in the Palazzo Suites for the free sandwiches and Pepsis. Mooching off the elite, of course, is how we roll.

Turned out to be a good thing … as the original plan was to attend a special PPA gathering with free sandwiches and Pepsis … but the event got canceled when they ran out of food and neither Howard Lederer nor Annie Duke showed up. To be fair, one or both of them was on the air with Bluff Radio at the time.

The new-and-improved WSOP website has a pretty nice feature for following the action … combining chip counts, pics, and tweets:

(Click to launch.)

It’s funny, of course, because for the past few years, there has been so much to-do over number of posts per hour, and who covers what … and now, after so much chest thumping and kneecap cracking to figure out how it all should and does work … all that stuff is pretty much irrelevant in 2009 — not only because there’s no selfishly “official” info provider, but moreso because twitter has become the default way to go for immediate, albeit unofficial, results.

HAND UPDATE: James Akenhead is out 9th! 33 < 99 vs. Kevin Schaffel. Crowd doesn't so much erupt as respectfully and enthusiastically applauds. If you're not already, follow the action and then some on Tao of Poker.

Check it out: the Penn and Teller Theater did reach capacity (1,200). And the line outside the WSOP&T, stretching through that long long hallway that summertime WSOP visitors know all too well:

HAND UPDATE: Ivey folded. But he really had to think about it.

HAND UPDATE: Schaffel all-in again, with AA vs. Eric Buchman’s KK. Flop K-Q-J. WOOOOOT! 4th King on the turn … Schaffel out in 8th place.

Note for next year: How ’bout a visible tournament clock? We’re all guessing where we are in the levels.

Supposedly the WSOP website has been a bit slow at times … as has PokerNews. If in need for a super-updated chip count fix, check out PokerListings as a go-to backup. They also have rules there for a main event final table drinking game … which can still have you pretty hammered by heads-up, even with others having nearly a 6-hour head start.

HAND UPDATE: Shulman starting to come alive.

Tao of Pokerati: November Nine

by , | 2:44 pm

We’re back … with the world’s shortest poker podcast … so short, we’ve already got two episodes for you.

Episode 1: Pre-action Action

Episode 2: Homme-team Advantage

Julie Schneider at the November Nine

by , | 2:29 pm

In spirit … Phil Ivey just took down his first pot, and a voice from the crowd screamed: “Stack’em, stack’em, to the top!”

November Nine Tip: Bet on the Jews

by , Oct 30, 2009 | 10:54 pm

poker yarmulke

Still up for grabs: the vaunted poker yarmulke awarded to Last Jew Standing.

Here’s a storyline that ESPN somehow missed/didn’t feed us on the media-prep conference call … It’s a very Jewish WSOP main event final table.

The Jewish Daily Forward points out what may or may not be a statistical anomaly: Four of the November Nine — Jeff Shulman, Steve Begleiter, Eric Buchman, and Kevin Schaffel — happen to speak Hebrew, at least during family holidays.

From a stack perspective, these Jewish players control 49.6 percent of all the chips in play. How stereotypical …

The J-article also offers a rich history of Jews in the game … from Jack Strauss to Jamie Gold … and most recently Barry Shulman’s Yom Kippur victory at WSOP-E. Back in the day, of course, the World Series was all about Jews vs. Texans, but Texans have been sucking it up in recent years now the game has a more widespread international appeal that has prevented any one region from owning pwning it.

Full Disclosure: I used to make an annual pilgrimage to a Dallas synagogue in an effort to bring people with money to the Lodge convert non-gentiles to the poker way. So yeah …

ALT HED: נובמבר תשע עצה: בית על היהודים

Numbers Game

The Poker Beat

by , | 6:30 am

The usual crew talked a little (new era) poker on TV this week — 2M2MM + PokerStars Million-Dollar Challenge — and then BJ number-geeked out on Daniel Negreanu’s breakdown of WPT performance stats … and a Calling the Clock segment on coaching at the WSOP main event.

The Poker Beat
Huff, Caldwell, Wise, Michalski, Nemeth, Stapleton

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