WSOP 2006: Year of the Blogger?

by , Jun 30, 2006 | 8:08 pm

So at long last, I am finally hitting the road for Las Vegas. I’ve got, oh, about 6 hours to get there.

You may or may not know this, but the real reason I am going is to bring the official PartyPoker blog to life. Yep, I’ve gone corporate, at least temporarily. But heh, my big bosses at Party have been given warnings by the Feds that they could be arrested were they to visit the United States, so …

Don’t worry, Pokerati will be there, too. In fact, I think it’s testament to the hard and good work done by bloggers last year that so many online sites are finally embracing the power of The Hammer. We owe Otis for that. And if it weren’t for the writings (and traffic) of Pauly last year, do you really think CardPlayer would have worked so hard to monopolize the WSOP internet?

As you can see in the right sidebar, I started making a little list of World Series of Poker Bloggers. But I’m not so sure that’s gonna work … because I get the sense — pseudo-banned or not — that there will be a lot of bloggers typing away in the Rihio-izzouse.

Even the pros are getting in on the blogging action. Check out what the Full Tilt team’s got going on. I wanna hate it … but I’m sure it’s gonna be pretty damn good — because those people are smart; and they’ve got Clonie. Seriously, with that line-up, it’s like my way-back-when dream for Pokerati, if only all of those pros were great writers, too.

So click below for a directory of bloggers who will be at the WSOP. I suspect I’ll be adding to the list throughout — in part because there are so many damn blogs! Then consider this:

2003 — year of the internet player
2004 — year of the woman
2005 — year of the pro
2006 — ???

With so many bloggers at the tables this year, at least a few will play well and/or get really good cards. And all it would take is a few final tables and a bracelet for 2006 to really be the year of getting there …

You know what … I gotta go! Will put up a comprehensive-ish list when I get to Las Vegas, or a rest stop with wi-fi.

Adios …


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