Fly the Friendly Batface Skies

by , Dec 15, 2006 | 7:21 pm

aw1.jpgTulsa’s got a great story in the new issue of American Way about a bald man’s pathetic quest for poker greatness — one that includes a bloggerific stop at the WPBT Summertime Shindig:

It is to begin at 10 a.m. I peek inside the poker room at Caesars. The line of bloggers is huge and unkempt. Picture the kids who thought Anthony Michael Hall was a god in Sixteen Candles. Now picture them at age 23 and buying into a no-limit poker tourney. Right. Horrifying. I decide to pass. All agree except for Summertime, another Batface, who thinks this is his best chance at poker glory during the trip.

(Yours truly does his best to represent, and Change100 also makes an appearance as “Jane100.”)

Another fun excerpt:

This is the way it goes in Vegas — and in poker. It all seems to be going well, the bright lights and big chip stacks making you think you’re on your way to notoriety and sweet coin. Suddenly, it’s yanked from you, and you realize that the height of your experience involves random girls from Lubbock and men who call themselves the Master.

Finally, poker gets some of the real media coverage it deserves. So does poker bloggering.

All this, of course, via those delightful anti-bloggers, The Batfaces.

4 Comments to “Fly the Friendly Batface Skies”

  1. April

    Age 23?? He flatters us all. 😉

  2. Fawcett

    Go Batfaces!

  3. Jim

    Enjoyed your company on the Friday night at the bar on MGM – thank you for making a stranger feel welcome. Sorry I didn’t get to buy you another scotch the whole weekend!

    Irish Jim

  4. DanM

    Hey, Irish Jim! I was looking for you later in the evening … but I couldn’t see straight. Nice to meet you, too. I think it might be my turn to buy you a drink. You should get a blog.