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Go Dallas (Online) Poker!

by , Jul 14, 2008 | 1:45 am

Oh shit, while contemplating the significance of Tiffany Michelle in a Matusow-less field, I almost completely overlooked Craig Marquis — an online player from Arlington (craigmarq) who Raj Kattamuri introduced to me just the other day. And lo and behold, he’s frickin’ second in chips! 11.5 million! Go craigmarq!

He says he doesn’t really play in Dallas underground games — just sticks to online — but he’s exactly the kinda player who I thought would do well this main event … a relative unknown who ain’t dancin’ at his first WSOP rodeo.

Big pre-emptive congrats, dude, and damn all you longtime Pokerati readers for not giving me the heads-up that a Dallas guy was still alive!!! thanks for giving us another person to cheer on as we work our way towards the November Nine.

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  1. Johnny Hughes

    Craig is carrying the flag of the Lone Star State all by his lonesome. In the earliest days of the World Series of Poker, it was nearly all Texans. At the final tables, it was Texans and Puggy Pearson. When Johnny Chan won it two years in a row, he was a Texan. Bobby Balwin was and Okie, but he had paid his dues on the road in Texas, like all the early players.

    After a few years, there was an even money prop bet: a Texan against the field. Then much later, Amarillo Slim had a list of three sets of twenty-five pros. You could bet Texans, Amazing Asians, and others. He and Shaun Rice were booking it.

    I went out to write a Texas angle for Texas Monthly some year. It was a watershed wake-up call that Texan dominese was over The only Texan at the final table was the permantly angry Johnny Bonnetti. An Iranian won it! Mansour Manloubi.

    I am pulling hard for Craig. I do hope he and that beautiful lady both make the final table.

    Johnny Hughes