RE: Brian Townsend Admits Multi-Accounting

by , Sep 2, 2008 | 12:31 pm

JKPrevo over at PokerWorks adds his two cents to the multi-accounting debate, which I find particularly valuable because he …

1) admits that he, too, is a multi-accounter (and unlike Townsend in ’08, a winning player!)

2) gives a great real-world example of how the letter of this online poker law doesn’t exactly add up with the spirit of it:

At the WSOP this year, Joe Sebok showed up with a full prosthetic makeup by a Hollywood professional. He looked older than me by a bunch and certainly didn’t appear as himself. There was some confusion at the time he took his seat and a private conversation with one of the TD’s people got him the seat. No multi-accounting there but it does demonstrate the deception available with such a setup.

Not to discredit Prevo, but he does have one factual inaccuracy (unless there’s something Jen’s not telling us?):

OK, I have insulted Jen – a good looking girl – married to an attractive but folliclely challenged fellow. Let’s get back to trashing Brian.

Umm … though California Jen and DanM do love to bicker, she’s already let me know that she’s not really into dudes who insist on multi-accounting, no matter how bald they get.

CORRECTION: Oops, it was Phil Laak, not Joe Sebok, who did the make up thing. (Thanks, Jen, for pointing that out.) I still think Prevo’s point about brick-and-mortar anonymity applies. Not so sure about my marriage and multi-accounting metaphor.

8 Comments to “RE: Brian Townsend Admits Multi-Accounting”

  1. California Jen

    Dan, if we’re married, shouldn’t you be paying half my rent?

    We need to talk. 😉

  2. DanM

    Where’s my dinner, b*tch!

  3. California Jen

    I don’t wanna be pretend-married anymore.

  4. DanM

    (Sigh.) That’s what they all say.

  5. KenP

    I would have sworn that the pictures of the new house with those gorgeous floors were for such an event. My bad.

    And, if I weren’t old enough to be your dad, I be working to make an honest women of you.

  6. KenP

    ok, that was wrong too. not the honest part. You got famous in the teen flicks, right? (Might as well mix up all the Jens into one package.)

  7. California Jen

    Yeah, ummm, I don’t have a new house either. And teen flicks? Not sure who you’re thinking of, Ken.

    It’s all good. I’ll just stay mysterious and let people speculate.

  8. DanM

    Multiaccounting Personality Disorder?