RE: Poker in the Non-Poker World

by , Oct 14, 2008 | 11:06 pm

Hmm, I tend to think poker players should try to step out of their little-big poker worlds every so often, if only to keep a check on reality. But yikes, maybe not … when a Seattle columnist stepped into a game to get some old-white-men takes on the presidential election … well let’s just say at least a few players behaved like jive-ass crackas weren’t exactly great ambassadors for the game.

(But hey, real people, real life, right? Isn’t being able to take money from the sketchy part of why we play?)

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2 Comments to “RE: Poker in the Non-Poker World”

  1. James

    Guys like that are exactly what’s wrong with poker. Reminds me of the crowd of beer-guzzling meth addicts that used to hang out at DPO. (If you know, you know.) No offense.

  2. DanM

    C’mon now, James … I think that’s probably America, not poker, right?

    OK, laughing … because when I first read your comment I thought you said “beer-guzzling math addicts”.