Eskimo Clark Isn’t Dead, Hasn’t Been Murdered

by , Feb 27, 2009 | 10:52 am

Eskimo Clark Sure, this is a cheap hedline we really could run daily — at least until it’s no longer true — but there were some very specific rumors circulating around the internet and the Wynn that Paul ‘Eskimo’ Clark had been robbed and killed. While death is never seldom a laughing matter, at least one cold, heartless journo may or may not have gotten juiced up about the conspiracy theory possibilities It had to be Vinnie Vinh! Or Russ Hamilton! Where’s Layne Flack!?! and abandoned a night at the tables before it really even started to investigate.

We found little … other than that he is still alive and kickin’ hustlin’ for backers in Reno.

9 Comments to “Eskimo Clark Isn’t Dead, Hasn’t Been Murdered”

  1. Don Saert


  2. DanM

    karmically sick bastard! you’re so on the suspects list if/when something does go down.

  3. Harris

    saw him and tom mcevoy today playing the reno events

  4. paboo

    Robbed? LOL. Some that tried to rob him would only get charged with attempted robbery. 🙂

  5. Jamie Gold

    Eskimo Clark is a broke douche bag. He plays poker like a 4 year old makes music with pots and pans.

  6. Rocky Enciso

    Thank god his alive.I was with him at the lapc.We’re both hustling for backers, played few events but no luck.Good luck to you in reno!Im at the bike winnin of the green.Lookin for backers,anyone interested.HE he!

  7. peter long

    The guy is not broke. Hes really cheap though. He payed his fifteen hundred dollar bill in cash and did not tip.

  8. Lana Deerdoff Taylor

    Hey I met him In Louisana in 2003.He was a nice guy that just don’t put up with peoples bs. I was a supervisor at a casino and did not know who he was,but spoke with him for hours.Cheap? I don’t think so,he took a ring off his finger,looked at it and then said “Merry Christmas” and it was July……So he is not cheap.

  9. DanM

    LOL, with all due respect, get it appraised. I’l take the under at $200. He’s been known to try to pay off big debts by passing off costume jewelry as expensive stuff before. Just sayin’.

    But regardless, it’s the thought that counts. (So long as you aren’t trying to pay off someone with it. )