Who’s Who of Poker?

by , Feb 19, 2009 | 1:49 pm

You may recall a couple recent polls we’ve run inquiring who were the most influential people in poker for 2008, working either alone or as a group, for better or for worse. Bluff Magazine did something similar, and their “Poker Power 20” is on newsstands now. Their results are listed below, but for comparison’s sake, here’re our collective results, as determined by you, the best damn websurfers in poker:

The Pokerati Team – 44
Jeffrey Pollack – 39
Russ Hamilton – 30
PokerStars – 29
WSOP/Harrah’s – 26
Daniel Negreanu – 23
The Batfaces – 21
Bloggers (Pauly, Wicked Chops, Nat Arem, et al.) – 16
American Government (DOJ, Congress, Kentucky, etc.) – 13
Barney Frank – 11
The PPA – 9
Phil Hellmuth – 9
TV Networks (ESPN, GSN, NBC, et al.) – 7
Forums (2+2, Neverwin, et al.) – 7
shronk – 7
AP/UB/Cereus – 6
The Kahnawake – 5
Russian Mob – 5
PokerNews – 4
Brian Balsbaugh (Poker Royalty) – 4
John Pappas (PPA) – 3
Howard Lederer – 3
Non-Poker Media (60 Min, Post, NYT, etc.) – 2
Bluff Media – 1

And here’s Bluff’s list, in reverse order:

20. Wicked Chops Poker
19. “The Backers”
18. Poker Players Alliance
17. CardRunners
16. Ivan Demidov
15. WSOP Players Advisory Council
14. Doyle Brunson
13. 2+2
12. PokerNews.com
11. World Poker Tour
10. Professional Poker Players
9. Bluff Media
8. Poker PROductions
7. Daniel Negreanu
6. Barney Frank
5. Poker Royalty
4. Full Tilt Poker
2. PokerStars
1. World Series of Poker

7 Comments to “Who’s Who of Poker?”

  1. Poker Shrink

    If its the WORLD of poker we are talking about then I don’t see how the Poker Stars is not the hands down winner.

    European Poker Tour
    Latin American Poker Tour
    Asian Pacific Poker Tour
    Australia New Zealand Poker Tour
    Russian Poker Tour
    Antarctica Poker Tour

  2. DanM

    I agree with you … though if you eliminate the joke answers from Pokerati’s polls, you’ll see we came up with the same results as Bluff … WSOP #1, and PokerStars #2. (if you include pollack’s votes as WSOP votes.)

    Close though.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    I can agree with the top 4, but there’s some different choices that could’ve been made. I’d replace Wicked Chops with blogs and CardRunners with coaching sites. Bluff being more powerful than 2+2 (or forums in general) seems laughable to me, especially when there’s no CardPlayer mention. Doyle and Demidov make the list but Hellmuth doesn’t? I’d expect Matt Savage to make his way to the list for 2009.

  4. DanM

    They gave honorable mentions (in no particular order) to:

    No Limit Management
    11 Management
    Matt Savage
    Phil Hellmuth
    NBC Sports
    441 Productions

  5. Kevin Mathers

    Guess they really don’t care for the Shulmans if they can’t even make the honorable mention list.

  6. Mark

    Somewhere in the world Phil Helmuth is weeping at these results. This should really just be a top ten list because some of these folks are just wonderers who wondered onto the list.

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