RE: World Series of Failure (2)

Don’t jinx him

by , Jun 19, 2009 | 7:48 pm

Well, either Tom is suddenly running good or he stopped playing like a dooshwad or he’s less worried about twitter or he’s simply playing with sheer determination for fear of losing his captain status on Team Pokerati … regardless, they’re down to 52 players in the $10k 7CS-HL, and he’s currently 5th in chips. 16 get paid.

Apparently @donkeybomber was down to fewer than 3k chips at one point (they started with 30k) but has since climbed out of the cellar.

Click here to follow along. Because I sure ain’t gonna go anywhere near him. Still a long way to go.

UPDATE: Tom Down (not to be confused with Tom Dwan) and out.

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