New Poll: Favorite Source of Player Info, Tourney Results

by , Sep 20, 2009 | 9:41 am

We’ve got a new highly unscientific poll up. I’m curious … where do you like to go for information on players — whether it’s to see how a well-known entity has done over the course of a career or to see just WhoTF some new-name is?

Cast your vote over yonder in the sidebar on your right.

Totally subjective criteria. And though there have long been accusatory murmurs about who steals data from whom, I’m looking at the thoroughness and accuracy of their records, ease of use, and any creative touches that make theirs different. Though I suspect others exist* sites I’ve visited for player stats and (live or online) tourney results include:

Hendon Mob

Trying to decide on one as my go-to source.

* and some I knowingly omitted, like and, because they include only their own tourneys, and what use is that to me beyond summing up totals?

NOTE: I also removed PocketFives from the list (they had no votes) … because they, similarly, only have profiles for their own members … though if you are looking for data and results from serious online screen names, they seem to have the best info, well-presented.

UPDATE: Just discovered (in the process of doing this post) PokerListings’ online-player database — complete with their cool MarketPulse thingy — and theirs may be better than P5’s.

13 Comments to “New Poll: Favorite Source of Player Info, Tourney Results”

  1. spcrdplyr

    Pokerpages has gone downhill since being sold. The information is no longer timely and the blogs are not updated regularly. The player database may be better, but given how everything else has gone downhill, I expect that to be heading in the same way.

  2. Poker Shrink

    Hendon Mob hands down winner and PokerPages has not just gone downhill it appears they may be operating with less than one employee.

  3. DanM

    I always thought so, too, Shrink (about Hendon Mob). But now I’m starting to think they’re a little outdated. Both in terms of info they include and their navigation of it.

  4. Kevin Mathers

    Ditto to what the Shrink said, they at least respond to my emails regarding corrections.

  5. Anonymous

    LOL, The answer is obviously (and swear to god unbiasedly) Card Player.

    Hendon Mob is a close second, but keep in mind that ALL of their results go to Card Player, because they are partnered with each other.

    If you want online results on top of that, then you go to Card Player.

    I don’t know who voted Bluff, since I don’t even believe they have a database. Sadly, ditto to everything about PokerPages above. They’ve made some changes recently and their site is starting to look abandoned.

  6. Pauly

    For live results, I consult to Hendon Mob.

    For online results, I consult to CardPlayer.

  7. AmyC

    Yeah. All PokerPages’ former employess are on LinkedIn looking for work – right down to the webmaster. Hendon Mob is my go to place for B&M results.

  8. DanM

    ***I don’t know who voted Bluff, since I don’t even believe they have a database. ***

    They do have a database … though it’s tied into their “power rankings” … which may or may not have been connected to their “Coolest Thing Ever!” … whatever that was, I don’t remember.

  9. Kevin Mathers

    I believe the “Coolest Thing Ever!” was tied into thepokerdb online database.

  10. DanM

    ha ha … i guess if you have to call something “the coolest thing ever” you can be pretty sure it’s not gonna be.

  11. Spaceman

    The Bluff database (yes, Anonymous, there is a Santa Claus) is sadly lacking when it comes tothe poker world’s more minor players. It also misses a lot of the smaller tournament festivals from around the world. I tend to check Hendon Mob when I really want to know about somebody’s results. I find that it’s the most user-friendly of them all.

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  13. Short-Stacked Shamus

    I’m with the mob checking stuff over at Hendon Mob. My first choice for such things for a good while now.