Fun with Fake ZeeJustin

by , Dec 30, 2009 | 9:47 am

About 2 years ago, I received an instant message from ZeeJustin (Justin Bonomo), completely out of nowhere. This was weird because Justin Bonomo didn’t have my AIM contact info. But whoever was IMing me did …Or, they were using a poker-related email database, hoping that some players would have their AIM ID’s tied to the same email account. I replied at the time, simply asking “Who is this, really?”, which was returned with silence. My response probably spooked my contact, because as the coming days would show, Justin Bonomo’s IM account had been compromised and used to scam poker players out of money by ‘borrowing’ on Bonomo’s name.

Just a while back, during the Doyle Brunson 5-Star event at the Bellagio, I saw my old friend log in again. Pretty hard to do, considering Bonomo was at the tables at the Bellagio. So I thought I’d have a little fun.

Karridy – 2:48
  Wassup man
ZeeJustin – 2:48
  chillin you
Karridy – 2:48
  Just finished taking down a nice score on Stars. Feeling great.
ZeeJustin – 2:49
Karridy – 2:49
  You at bellagio today?
ZeeJustin – 2:49
  how much did you win Karridy?

Karridy – 2:49
  About 30k today, and 15 yesterday. Not big, but big for me
  …as you know
ZeeJustin – 2:51
  Im not at bellagio sorry
  why whats up?
Karridy – 2:51
  Was just curious. Thought maybe I could take a piece of you in the 5star if you were.
ZeeJustin – 2:52
  Im trying to get ahold of Mr Zahman on stars
  can you sit at 25/50 Hersilia and talk to him for me
Karridy – 2:53
  What do you need?
ZeeJustin – 2:53
  need to speak to him involving something
  would appreciate it
Karridy – 2:53
  Sure. What should I tell him?
ZeeJustin – 2:54
  sit down and ill type it to you
Karridy – 2:54
  Go fuck yourself, scammer.
ZeeJustin – 2:54
  you faggot
Karridy – 2:54
ZeeJustin – 2:54
  go suck a dick
  i knew what was up
Karridy – 2:55
  You don’t know shit, or you’d know that everybody knows tis account is fake
ZeeJustin – 2:55
  Karridy your a bitch
  go fuck yourself
Karridy – 2:55
  What are you hoping I’d do?
  You’d still have to beat me out of my money, which would take more than a full table of your loser friends.

I think PokerStars needs to check out the table action and identities of “Mr Zahman”, as well as the others at that table, on that day. – And no, I haven’t contacted Stars. This is as much time as I care to spend on this. It was good for a quick chuckle.

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  2. Karridy

    …Hey… At least somebody commented. lol

  3. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Happy New Year, K-man… am currently playing some low-stakes PLO with “Isuldir1” — another brush with faux-greatness!

  4. DanM

    Interesting … every one’s learning PLO … I am so gonna be Isildur2!

  5. Kevin Mathers

    Slightly newsworthy, the real ZeeJustin is no longer part of Team Bodog: