Hard Rock Aggro-Courting High-Stakes Cash Action

by , May 31, 2010 | 8:56 pm

Holy fugk, I can already tell … this summer in Las Vegas is going to be an absolute mosh pit of poker … where are my steel-tipped boots I never had?

I knew the Hard Rock’s High Stakes Cash Game was in the works but wasn’t sure what would come of it — as the first thing required for a game of this size is players! I’ve sent my overseers @HardRockPoker a message inquiring who they know will be there. Will pass on info when I find out.

This Friday
June 4th at 7PM

Hard Rock Poker Lounge
Las Vegas

Come play the high stakes cash game
on the first Friday of each month.
Buy-in is $20,000 to $50,000.
Blinds are $25 and $50.

Also wonder if this game will have $50 splash pots like we’ve got in our 1/2 NL/PLO to stimulate action, lol. (Remember, if The Maven makes a huge raise on a hold’em splash pot, you should probably call with J-10 or better … and if you don’t know the answer in the song game, your best bet is either Britney Spears or Cheap Trick.)

Indeed, the Hard Rock seems to be elevating various action levels in their luxed-out, poker boutique. I’m probably biased by the peanuts they throw me to soften the weekly blow from my own half-and-half game, but at least a few things the Hard Rock’s got going seem to be working well. The room, while too small to ever be packed Venetian-style, was noticeably bumping during the last Pokerati game … with eight other full tables at midnight, and Scott Fischman’s 7-game Mix running continuously for more than 21 hours!

Will have to get back to you on how well their rake-free satellites are working, which seems to me the coolest idea they’ve brought into play … basically buy 4 get one free for satellites into small WSOP events … if enough sit-n-go players are regularly there to fill tables at varying stakes.

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