Durrrr Lost

by , Jun 7, 2010 | 5:03 am

Second place, not first. That other guy won. I’m sure we’ll remember his name eventually …

“This was a huge shot in the arm for the gambling community,” said Mike Matusow to his table in the $10k Stud-8 World Championship, referring to a couple-million+ of anti-durrrr-bracelet sidebets.

@howardhlederer tweeted:


Frankly I was kinda surprised to see Lederer so nervous. Would seem that he was the one guy who couldn’t lose … you know, having the newest pro added to his team taking down an early WSOP donkament, for the first of what will likely be multiple bracelets.


Congrats to Tom Dwan! We were all rooting for you… To come second! Wow I escaped. What a sweat that was.

Durr just doubled up and the rail cheered while most of the people in the stud 8 moaned and cried.

The atmosphere in the room is electric. So many of us have bets against Durrr winning. 3 left and we are sweating hard!


Players in the Stud 8 or better championship breathe a sigh of relief as Tom Dwan finishes second. Never a bigger swing in a $1500 than 2day

I’m enjoying sweating the Durrr match mainly because I have no money on it:) Big swing for a bunch of my friends and relatives though.

Meanwhile, Huck Seed is apparently owed a refund. Though I suspect he might just let Dwan hold on to the $325k, figuring that a 2010 bracelet may be inevitable.

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