License Plate Degens

by , Mar 8, 2011 | 3:33 pm

It’s been too long since we shared with you the greatness of Nevada license plates. Fortunately, I don’t believe I’ve surrendered my claim to being the Top Parking-Lot Correspondent in Poker (even without a Bluff Award for that category). Especially since getting an iPhone … and in part thanks to Pokeratizens with their eyes on the road.

Here’s doozy from @PokerVixen. (Thanks, Lori!) We’ll have to take her word for it — because really, it is hard to drive and photograph* — but supposedly it says DGENRAT. LOL, is that a Mustang?

Meanwhile, here’s one I got — not sure it’s a poker player, but hey, it’s more likely to be Russ Hamilton than OJ Simpson driving this Jetta on Russell Rd., heading toward the south end of the Strip.

* WARNING: Pokerati supports safe driving, and encourages you NOT to photograph poker-related license plates while operating a motor vehicle. However, if you insist, please snap multiple shots and check later to see if you got one in focus. You should also wear your seatbelt just in case.

3 Comments to “License Plate Degens”

  1. Katkin

    Lori’s photo is not of a Mustang. It’s Godzilla (a.k.a. a Nissan GT-R). It’s not a car owned by your average $1/$2 player.

  2. Rakewell

    Seen at the Palms recently:

  3. Michele Lewis

    Did I ever tell you I wanted to get a “Pizza” personalized license plate? You know, because it’s cheesy.