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  • Bluff Catching

    26 May 2009

    Often in poker you come across situations where although you think you may have the best hand, you want to try and check and make your opponent bluff. These situations often occur when you have a medium strength hand that you do not want to fold, and where you think that your opponent has either […]

  • Hi/Lo Split Games – Don’t Forget the High

    23 May 2009

    The high hand is usually seen as the weaker of the possible hands in hi/lo split games – simply because it cannot win the low as well, where as low hands can frequently develop into high hands which can win both the high and the low end of the pot (lows can easily become nut […]

  • Firing Into Multiple Players

    19 May 2009

    One of the things you will quickly notice about good players in any variation of poker is how they change their game depending on how many people are in the hand. That great aggressive no limit hold’em player who seems to batter you with bets every time you’re heads up in a pot will probably […]

  • Knowing When To Quit

    13 May 2009

    With the ever expanding popularity of heads up games, many of the best spots to play in are now one on one games. Weak players seem to be attracted to these games because the variance is extremely high, which means it gives them a realistic shot at making a big score through that massive double […]

  • Poker and Greed – A Little Anecdote

    07 May 2009

    When I first started playing poker it was predominantly in a medium sized club run by a local bookmaker. The crowd all knew each other pretty well, and there was a decent mix of recreational gamblers, solid amateurs and a few pros. There were also a couple of extremely high risk gamblers, who basically would […]

  • Small Ball – A Deeper Analysis

    05 May 2009

    Small ball and long ball poker fundamentally rely on the analysis and knowledge of different types of odds in poker. Long ball simply relies on the odds of the hands of poker. If you need a brief introduction to exactly what the term ‘small ball’ refers to an introduction can be found here. Long ball […]

  • Brains and Balls

    23 Apr 2009

    ‘You gotta have two things to succeed kid – you gotta have brains and you gotta have balls. Now you got too much of one and not enough of the other’ – Paul Newman to Tom Cruise in The Color of Money. “Being able to show players that you are willing to three barrel bluff, […]

  • Playing Bad with the Best Hand

    17 Apr 2009

    This is quite a complex principle to understand to most players, as it seems to go against the intuitive logic of how poker works. I have the best hand, surely getting my money in the pot in any way is the right way to play? This is actually not true in many situations, as often […]

  • The Problem With Weak Aces in Poker

    07 Apr 2009

    Weak aces tend to be the hand that you see bad players get in the most trouble with at the table. This is because weak aces are usually very far behind most good hands in hold’em, and weak players seem to misunderstand the mathematics of weak aces and habitually over play them. “Although looking down […]

  • The Re-Re-Steal

    31 Mar 2009

    Frequently in tournament poker you will encounter players who are re-raising your opens at an inappropriate frequency. At the lower stakes they tend to re-raise too little, either trying to fold to cash or just call and play passive pots without the momentum of a raise or a strong hand. As you rise up the […]