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  • Update and Call to Action

    05 Apr 2007

    Things have been busy here in A-town as we work to bring Hold’em to Texas. We had a successful day on Tuesday as we bombarded the state with our media outreach and made a strong case for Poker in the committee hearing. I’m sure Dan and Michele have/will post(ed) links to the Pokerpages video and […]

  • PPA Joins the Texas Fight

    30 Mar 2007

    A big thank you to the PPA for sending out this email to their Texas membership today! _____ Dear Texas Poker Player, As you know, the Poker Players Alliance is fighting on your behalf in Washington, D.C. and at the state level to defend your right to play poker. The fight for legal, safe and […]

  • HB 3186 Update

    26 Mar 2007

    There will be a committee substitute next week. It will remove the limit on the number of tables an establishment may have and significantly lower the asset requirement on bars to apply for a permit to a monthly gross receipt of $7,500. This would, for example, make eligible about 25 establishments in Arlington and 4 […]

  • Fwd: Help Make Poker Legal in Texas

    22 Mar 2007

    I sent an email out a few days ago to all my poker friends. If you didn’t get it, here it is, and you can sign up to get on the Texas Poker PAC mailing list here. Attention Texas Poker Players! Legislation has been filed in the Texas House of Representatives that would allow real […]

  • Five Bucks and a Good Read

    14 Mar 2007

    I just played in my weekly game and won a whole five bucks. Freakin’ awesome. But what is awesome is this story from Poker News, about efforts to make better poker legal in Texas. I have to give props to Haley Hintze for actually reading the poker bill (60+ pages) and reporting on it thoroughly […]

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Bill!

    08 Mar 2007

    HB 3186 was filed today in the Texas House. If you want to play poker in Texas legally, this is the best flag we have to fight under. I encourage you to read the bill or at least the press release pasted below. This is going to be a tough, potentially long fight. I’ll begin […]

  • Heads Up, Texas!

    06 Mar 2007

    I’ll post a press release later, but I figured Pokerati readers should be the first to know that a real, true poker bill will likely be filed in the Texas House on Tuesday! Here are the Highlights: -4 live and/or electronic, raked tables allowed in each establishment that meets requirements -Lottery Commission decides how many […]

  • Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

    22 Nov 2006

    My name is Mike Lavigne (AKA “Lavigne in Austin”) and I am the founder and treasurer of the Texas Poker PAC. Dan has invited me to start posting regularly in an effort to keep Pokerati readers up to date on the status of our fight to expand and regulate poker in Texas. I’ve had the […]