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  • New House Bill to Stop UIGEA

    12 Apr 2008

    On Thursday, we read that one of our favorite poker podcasts, Beyond the Table, was “out with a fizzle.” And apparently that’s fo’ shizzle. The skies suddenly had grown ominously dark. Would we ever smile again . . . ? Well, here’s what looks to be a ray of hope. (At least for those of […]

  • UIGEA Update (Ain’t Been Stopped Yet)

    14 Mar 2008

    Been a couple of news items over the last week or so regarding the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. You remember the UIGEA. You don’t? Look over yr shoulder. It’s that big black cloud over there, heading this way . . . . First, a U.S. District Court Judge threw out the Interactive […]

  • Not Even Yesterday’s News?

    17 Jan 2008

    Just got the latest CardPlayer in the mailbox and discovered there’s a part II to Bob Pajich’s year in review, titled “Poker’s 2007 Odyssey: A Review of the Year’s Historic Events Concludes.” Didn’t realize there was gonna be a sequel. Beyond the Table listeners heard Dan mention Part I in the most recent episode, and […]

  • Beyond the Table: . . . Who Needs Enemies?

    09 Jan 2008

    Strange. Just listened to the latest episode of Beyond the Table, the first of the new year. If you haven’t queued up “ . . . Who Needs Enemies?” yet, let me forewarn you. The guys talk about poker. That’s right. Poker. I mean like all the way through. What the hell? After a brief […]

  • Beyond the Table: Card Sick

    26 Dec 2007

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines “diagnosis” as the “determination of the nature of a diseased condition; identification of a disease by careful investigation of its symptoms and history; also, the opinion (formally stated) resulting from such investigation.” Such is the theme of “Card Sick,” this week’s year-ending installment of Beyond the Table. Co-hosts Karridy, Dan, […]

  • Beyond the Table: Live and Otherwise

    18 Dec 2007

    Following a pattern established by arena faves Frampton, Kiss, and Cheap Trick, this episode of Beyond the Table captures the group in a rare live performance. With no edits, overdubs, or other studio gimmickry, “Live and Otherwise” finds BTT returning to its off-the-cuff, improvisational roots. The set gets going with a raucous medley of blues-based […]


    12 Dec 2007

    I recall a short while back reading Tom Schneider opine at length here on Pokerati about tourney blind structures. In a memorable post, Tom suggested an innovative arrangement wherein the blinds would go up in proportion to the number of players remaining (or average chip stack — same diff.), as opposed to having timed levels. […]