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  • Jackpot Lawsuit vs. L.A. Casinos Tossed Out

    19 Apr 2010

    The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a L.A. County Superior Court Judge has thrown out a lawsuit brought by two poker players against five L.A. County casinos in which the players had contended the casinos falsely advertised their jackpot games in which a buck was taken from pots for the jackpot as being “no […]

  • The Poker Beat (4/8/10)

    11 Apr 2010

    This week’s episode of The Poker Beat arrives with a somewhat sensationalistic-seeming title, phrased in the form of a question: “The Worst Week in Internet Poker History?” And no, as it turns out, hosts Scott Huff, Gary Wise, B.J. Nemeth, and Dan “the Wolfman” Michalski did not discuss Michalski’s week online. Aside from addressing Pennsylvania […]

  • Poker “Predominantly a Game of Chance” Says Pennsylvania Judge

    03 Apr 2010

    As Stephen A. Murphy over at CardPlayer suggests, this news perhaps comes as a bit of a head-scratcher. But then again, poker players have come to expect high variance when it comes to state courts’ attempts to decide the issue of whether poker is a game of skill or chance. Reversing a ruling from early […]

  • Third WPT Title for Carlos “El Matador” Mortensen

    26 Mar 2010

    Don’t know much about bullfights. I know Carmen ends up at one. And there’s that part in The Sun Also Rises when everybody goes to Pamplona to drink and watch ’em. Apparently your traditional corridas de toros features three distinct stages or tercios, each full of symbolic significance and designed to increase suspense before the […]

  • Third Suspect Nabbed in EPT Berlin Heist

    20 Mar 2010

    News this morning from Germany that a third suspect has been arrested in connection with the armed robbery at EPT Berlin that took place two weeks ago today. According to the Associated Press, Mustafa Ucarkus, aged 20, was arrested at Tegel airport after his lawyer informed authorities of his whereabouts. Earlier this week one member […]

  • Poker and Higher Ed

    12 Oct 2009

    We all know how poker offers many rewards to the smarties. (Well, some of us do. Don’t tell the others, please.) So no surprise, really, to see poker featured over on the Chronicle of Higher Education website this morning. In an article titled “What Poker Can Teach Us,” James McManus (Positively Fifth Street) shares a […]

  • Poker Top Search Term Third Straight Year

    12 Dec 2008

    Poker poker poker poker poker. Is that what you were looking for? Information about poker? So are a lot of people, apparently. For the third straight year, “poker” was the most-searched term on the ’net, according to the search engine Lycos. Rounding out the top five were “Paris Hilton,” “YouTube,” “Golf,” and “Sarah Palin” (you […]

  • Two of November Nine Chose Not to Appear on Leno, Ellen

    20 Nov 2008

    . . . according to Harrah’s Sports and Entertainment Director of Communications Seth Palansky. Palansky appeared on Gary Wise’s podcast Wise Hand Poker (the 11/19/08 episode) to talk about various subjects, including doing a little post-mortem of the delayed WSOP Main Event final table and broadcast. As the pair discussed various promotional opportunities — as […]

  • Beyond the Table: The Resurrection

    24 Sep 2008

    Click HERE to Listen    Listener Line: (888) 820-8091 In the grand tradition of Rocky Balboa, Return to Mayberry, and The Brady Girls Get Married, your favorite poker podcast returned today with a brand-spankin’ new episode. Five months after announcing their “retirement” — has it really been five months? seems like three — the group collectively determined […]

  • Full Tilt $25K Heads-Up Challenge Down to Eight

    24 May 2008

    After three rounds and nearly six-and-a-half hours of play, they’ve made it to the money, having played from 64 down to 8 in the Full Tilt Poker $25,000 Heads-Up Challenge. Three Full Tilt pros are still alive. Here are the quarterfinal match-ups: Andy Bloch vs. FinddaGrind (Patrik Antonius) David Singer vs. mastrblastr Brian Hastings vs. […]