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Off the Felt

by , Oct 5, 2005 | 3:58 pm

hellmuth-badbeatsFrom my column in The Sports Page … an interview with the original “poker brat” — who is very busy these days. (Too busy, perhaps?)

The Real Deal
HED: Phil Hellmuth off the Felt
SUB: He may be the busiest pro in poker, and that’s without even playing the game.

by Dan Michalski

Future poker hall-of-famer Phil Hellmuth was in town this past weekend–signing books and hosting La Riata, the biggest charity tournament of the year in Dallas. He stuck around long enough for a Monday round of golf with Troy Aikman (“Troy is a better golfer, but I’m a better gambler,” Phil reports) before having to jet off on the next leg of his current poker-pimping whirlwind.

I managed to catch the nine-time World Series champion via cell phone in New York City. He had a few minutes to talk before doing a shoot with ESPN, and offered his thoughts about the quality of Dallas players, his new book, his new DVD, amateur mistakes, and whether or not that’s really him you’re playing against online:

Great job this weekend. What exactly do you try to bring to a tournament you host?

Phil Hellmuth: This event in Dallas was craziness. 350 players and they wouldn’t stop rebuying. The enthusiasm in that room was unbelievable. It was just nuts in there. I couldn’t believe it. Obviously in Dallas people just love poker. I think my schtick has become very popular, and uh — Hey Larry, how you doin’? What’s up man? You want me to sign that book for you? And the DVD? Take the plastic off — but it was absolutely insane, so what that tells me is that poker, Texas Hold’em in Texas is hot baby. It’s great to see.

So it’s keeping you busy these days?

PH: Yes, I’m very busy. Hold on — Larry, who should I sign this to? Michael? How do you spell that? M-i-c-h? Did he win a contest on your show? How ’bout “Good luck, you the winnah” or something? OK, Larry. Oh oh, yeah yeah, thank you thank you thank you. I would love to see it. Are you ready to go? Give me one second — Go ahead, let’s get this one done.