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Awesomest Stupid New Poker TV Show

by , Sep 3, 2009 | 6:10 am

It’s called Pool, Poker & Pain, and apparently was inspired by hardcore 9-ball grinders. From PokerNews:

The show’s format will have contestants begin a match by playing pool. After a winner is declared, contestants will head to the poker felt. After a contestant annihilates an opponent at the poker table, he put on gloves and mix it up in the “Circle of Truth,” a 32-foot combat cage.

Though the show’s site doesn’t say much about any specific TV deal they’ve got in place, I hope they find one. (Spike TV maybe?) They’re actually looking for a poker coach, too. The fact that they don’t have one of those yet, either — the show obviously wasn’t conceived by a poker person working for — is part of what makes me think it might be good. I also like where they see poker’s role in the manly dynamic of technical skill, gambling, and brute strength.