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Conservatives Beginning to Embrace iPoker?

Tea Partiers, too, should see an obvious play

by , Dec 9, 2010 | 11:12 pm

With clocks ticking and windows closing, the Ds are fighting over how far to the center they can be pulled, the Rs over how tough-guy they should be, and poker players have turned screaming pissy because Harry Reid’s online poker bill doesn’t say anything about 4 color decks nor include a provision to declare the Durrrr challenge a federal holiday.

That’s what they’ve been arguing about in Capitol Hill, Twitter, and 2+2, right?

One can only hope the most compelling arguments on behalf of federally regulated and legally mainstreamed online poker aren’t getting lost in the political muck. Fortunately, the simple matter at hand got spelled out super-clearly in Forbes magazine today by Michelle Minton, a political independent capable of speaking to a conservative audience:

Legalizing Online Gambling Is A No-Brainer
Here’s change both political parties can believe in