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OUCH! Unabomber Hospitalized after ATV Crash

Picture of bloody Phil Laak

by , Aug 5, 2010 | 8:00 pm

Obviously at Pokerati if it bleeds it ledes! we would never publish anything so exploitive if both the victim @RealPhilLaak and his best friend @MagicAntonio weren’t cool with it on twitter. #inTheory


Poker It Forward

by , Dec 28, 2009 | 1:57 pm

In Washington state, this video would be grounds for a criminal prosecution on par with with child molesting. But down south, in Portland, Oregon, it’s a super-feelgood story with online poker pro Dusty Schmidt (aka “Leatherass”) gambling for the homeless.

His schtick is playing for rent for the underprivileged, and ends up making $20k for the folks in the process: