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Blowing Bubbles

Tao of Pokerati

by , Jul 14, 2010 | 5:16 am

Episode 63: Day 4 Hypertension – With fewer than 1,000 players to go, Dan and Pauly wax on the tension inside the Amazon Ballroom along with the breakdown of the Pavilion. Pauly wonders if Team Pokerati’s last player standing, the Big Randy, in the Main Event is properly patched up as action approaches the money bubble.

Episode 64: Big Head Randy and the Min-Cashers – Dan and Pauly hang out at the Bad Beat bar and wonder if they are coolers? Or if the Big Randy had busted out because he was not wearing a Pokerati patch. Yes, the Big Randy busted before the money bubble. The discussion shifts to the bubble strategy for PokerStars qualifiers who also have a PCA package riding on the line along with the min-cash.

Episode 65: Boo Bubble – Dan was napping in his car as the bubble slowly approached. He woke up during the dinner break and wondered where everyone went. Pauly clued him in and Dan was bummed that he couldn’t record the players groaning in dissent. The Bubble is nigh.

Episode 66: Bubblicious – Pauly and Dan were hanging out in upper level of the Jack Links’ beef jerky lounge keep tabs on the entire Amazon Ballroom from the high ground when the bubble burst. They captured the announcement of Tim McDonald’s 748th place elimination thereby becoming this year’s Bubble Boy (and winning a consolation seat in the 2011 WSOP). They also recorded the jubilant celebration from the players who made the money in the 2010 Main Event.

Winstar: TBR Live

by , Aug 20, 2008 | 7:06 pm

While I hate to push down Dan’s post on the HardRock, here’s some video goodness from the Pokerati people who still give a damn about Texas Oklahoma.

RE: Re: Big Changes to the WSOP
Why It Would Be a Great to Make the Final Table of the Main Event and Have to Wait Three Months to Finish

by , Apr 7, 2008 | 10:48 am

So I’m kinda surprised to see so many people so bothered by proposed changes to the WSOP main event. I know folks like TBR are a little concerned that a new schedule would require him to take more time away from making babies/the law donuts, but I gotta say … bitch all you want, as imperfect as it may be in v 1.0, this delayed final table concept is great — nay, brilliant! — and here’s why:

Better Sponsor Deals for Players

In three months a player has time to get their business affairs in order and sell their bodies if they wish. Currently, the only deals offered up are by online-poker-site thugs hovering around the final few tables with bags of cash and swag. And while some more experienced players might recognize the off-table opportunities that go along with guaranteed television exposure while it is all taking shape, do you really want to be making business decisions while in the middle of a big tourney?

Say someone like TBR were to make the final table … he has ins with Whataburger, but there’s simply no way he’d be able to hook anything up with a non-poker company in two days. With the extra time, however, he might be able to convince them (in theory at least) that doughy poker players are the perfect people to market the 24-hr drive-thru to. Boom: Whataburger hat, extra cash. If Lacey Jones were to make it, her peeps would have plenty of time to work something up with Revlon, for example. These sorts of deals simply aren’t possible in the current set-up.