Chantel meet Gavin, Gavin meet Chantel …

by , Oct 31, 2006 | 10:11 pm

I can tell by the Google searches that a lot of Pokeratizens are interested in keeping up with Dallas ex-pat Chantel McNulty … who at the ripe young age of 21 moved to Vegas and hit the professional poker circuit. Check out the latest video of her while at a WPT event. In it you’ll learn about her terrible beat (quads to a royal flush) and her unsuccessful prop bet with Gavin Smith, which has her not shaving her legs for 30 days. But watch the video and — just about the point where Gavin claims to be her “protege” — ask yourself who might be outplaying whom?

(C’mon, Gavin, she’s a pretty savvy chick … you think she hasn’t seen that episode of Seinfeld?)

Bonus link: Click here to see Gavin in action at Al’s Bash at the Boathouse.

5 Comments to “Chantel meet Gavin, Gavin meet Chantel …”

  1. jeh

    If she’s 21, I’d venture that there are a _lot_ of Seinfeld episodes that she hasn’t seen. Hell, she was only five when that show started its run and merely THIRTEEN when it went off the air. You could ask her if she’s master of her domain and she probably wouldn’t have a clue about the reference.

  2. adam

    meh. I’m 21, and I’ve seen every episode. So have a lot of my friends. We grew up with our parents watching it, and it stuck.

  3. Ed

    And then there is the syndicated reruns that TIVO can grab. I have seen em all and still have TIVO grabbing multiple episodes on a daily basis. So much poker and seinfeld on the TIVO I don’t know when I will ever get it all watched.


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  5. Woody

    Damn…never realized Gavin had that little hair. No wonder you never see him without a hat.