Friendly BlogFaces

by , Feb 22, 2007 | 1:28 pm

Speaking of new guys … I don’t think I ever properly introduced the new content bitches valuable correspondents here at Pokerati. It’s been a real privilege seeing these three unique poker voices emerge with index-page access. Hope you, too, have been enjoying the additional ramblings, musings, and insights from The Fresh Princess of Bellaire — a Houston socialite/soccer mom with real WSOP cred, and a contributing authoress to what is sure to become the quintessential tome of pokery chick-lit; Karridy — my partner in (internet) radio crime who’s always hustlin’ to bring top-quality poker to living rooms and concert halls across North Texas; and The Big Randy — a self-proclaimed poker bad-ass known to many as the Batface with the gayest sweaters highest sperm count.

Click the About Us page (or here) to read more about them … and see pictures. You can also click here to learn how to say “Welcome” in 40 different languages.

21 Comments to “Friendly BlogFaces”

  1. Ed

    I thought TBR ditched you a while back when the batfaces made their own “blog”.


  2. DanM

    He lost a really big side-bet.

  3. Fresh Princess

    Thanks, Papa Smurf. It’s been such a smurfing time.

  4. Karridy

    Seriously,… Am I supposed to be one of those? If so, can I be the playa in the purple?

  5. DanM

    Dude, don’t you get it? You are Wolfman Jack! WOLFMAN JACK!

  6. Fresh Princess

    If it doesn’t fit…you must acquit

  7. Karridy

    I had no idea who that was. So explain the TBR connection. Understanding your madness, I would expect to see a picture of Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson, or Randy Jackson from AI for TBR’s photo.

  8. Ed

    Sigh…let me help you out K.

    The blue thing is Princess Smurf (i think there was one called that) == Fresh Princess (the hot chick)

    The hairy guy is Wolfman Jack (a radio personality) == you (the radio show guy)

    The thing in the purple suit is Johnnie Cochran == TBR (the law guy)

  9. Bundas

    “”The hairy guy is Wolfman Jack (a radio personality) == you (the radio show guy)”””

    Might Have to do more then just the radio thing Might have to do with the Voice too I’m thinking!

  10. Karridy

    Ok… I am old enough to know the smurf’s name is “Smurfette”. I guess I’m old enough to recognize Cochran also, but that pimpalicious suit threw me off. Thanks guys.

    Joe… See you Saturday!

  11. The Big Randy

    Let me just point out one thing: I am not a “self-proclaimed poker bad ass” any more than Cochrane was a self-proclaimed legal bad ass.

  12. Bundas

    Dan were did you get the photo of smurfette?
    That is a way old photo here is her latly
    And in no way am I saying this is photo of Fresh Princess just saying the photo that Dan used of the smurf is old..


  13. Bundas

    sorry that didn’t work here is the link to the smurf pic

  14. Fresh Princess

    Actually Bundas, thanks to photoshop the second smurfette photo is a bit more accurate of me. That is the photo from the SNL funhouse comic when they were making fun of the Anna Nicole show. It just so happens I still have it on my mp3 player which I will share this weekend.

    K- You are Wolfman due to the similar voice and radio gig. I know this because I am much older than you.

    TBR – Johnie is bitter sweet. While he is famous for saying “it just dont make sense” he is, er was, known to be a litigator. So, despite the Purple Rain suit, I would take it as a compliment,no?

  15. Fresh Princess

    Excuse me, he is infamous for saying that 50 times but considered a great lawyer.

  16. DanM

    TBR is Johnnie Cochran (sp?) for multiple reasons.

    Here was a close second-place photo for him:

  17. DanM

    PS … ed is smart.'s_Razor

  18. Fresh Princess


  19. DanM

    Michele, am I going to have to beat the crap out of you? That’s how we do things around here, ya know.

  20. DanM

    (note to self: please please please don’t let her tell me she spends a big chunk of her charity time working personally with battered women, who might not think the above is funny.)

  21. Fresh Princess

    oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, like, I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo scared of a guy in a pink shirt!