Dennis Phillips Getting STL Publicity

November Nine Chip Leader Overwhelmed by Attention

by , Jul 22, 2008 | 11:28 am

My hometown favorite is getting lots of publicity in St. Louis. Though he is originally from a small Illinois town across the river from the Lou, Dennis Phillips reps the STL with pride. With Midwest USA newspapers and magazines suddenly interested in poker, Dennis has gotten a lot of media attention, and while he seems to be getting more comfortable with the journalists and TV cameras, humble remains the word of the day.

One of the articles is from the Telegraph and gives a good insight into the WSOP final table chip leader, and the following video from the local NBC sports program shows that Dennis is a good representative for the game of poker. Note that in the video, he discusses the Bad Beat on Cancer patch that he wears on his shirt. Evidently, he is the only one of the nine finalists in the main event who signed up early on to donate 1% of his winnings to the Phil-Gordon-promoted charity. Who says he wouldn’t make for a great 2008 champion?

Click below to see the video interview (sorry, we can’t stop the autoplay).

12 Comments to “Dennis Phillips Getting STL Publicity”

  1. DanM

    Boooo! Boooo, Dennis Johnson!

  2. DanM

    By the way, under Tony G’s logic, that would mean he owes 1 percent of his PokerStars deal, too.

  3. Ed

    Wow..maybe this waiting thing will work out a bit. Just watching this makes me want to root for him to win. Sounds like a very cool guy and about 1000 light years away from Jamie Gold. Maybe we can call him Bizarro Jamie. 🙂

  4. BJ Nemeth

    Now you’re thinking like a gangster, Dan!

    This is a good video, and the local angle works. I count this as a point in favor of the delayed final table.

    If they played the FT two days after reaching nine players, I could have cared less. Now, with my first exposure to one of the players (more than a name, chip count, and hometown), I already have someone that I’m rooting for. Over the coming weeks (and seeing Main Event episodes on ESPN), I imagine I’ll form more biases for and against the November Nine, and by the time it airs, I expect that Frankly my dear, I *will* give a damn.

    And that’s one of the goals of the final table. So far, so good.

  5. BJ Nemeth

    Does the video have to be set for auto-play? I hate that. Just embed the video, and let me press play when I’m ready to watch it.

    Websites should never make noise until the user makes a specific request for audio or video. Websites that unexpectedly make noise either break my blissful silence or break the mood of the music/podcast/TV show I’m otherwise listening to.

  6. Ed

    Did some research and it looks like the video player KSDK uses does not have a parameter for us to choose no autoplay. That must be done through the software they use to make the embedded player.

    So for a fix I made a MORE link to the post and it will autostart when people click it and go there. Still annoying if just wanting to check out comments but less annoying than having it on main page.

  7. BJ Nemeth

    I blame society. And KSDK. But mostly, I blame society.

    Rule #1 for the Media: Don’t annoy your audience. (Thanks for the fix, Ed.)

  8. California Jen

    Thanks, Ed. I wasn’t sure how to fix the problem without removing the video altogether. You’re so smart. 🙂

  9. Ed

    I understand why they have it this way. I am sure when clicking a link on their site they want that video to start right up. In my opinion a better fix is to make a seperate embedable file that has the option to turn autoplay off or on…if possible….otherwise just leave it off.

  10. DanM

    Just so you know, BJ, we were on this problem immediately. I applaud this TV station for recognizing the utility of embed-code … but they kinda came up short of the goal line with the autoplay.

    Just so all the readers know, the only autoplay you might hear on the front page of Pokerati are songs by Pantera. Because really, everyone should listen to more Pantera, and yet they might not realize it.

  11. BJ Nemeth

    I agree. It’s better that they have embeddable code, because they recognize the value to their own station with posts like these from Pokerati. If they would just go that half step further …

    It’s like those damn websites that insist on breaking articles down into two pages so they can double their number of clicks. Or Card Player, that insists on defaulting their view of tournament results into multiple pages. (Which is why I default myself over to the Hendon Mob’s database, which conveniently lists all results on a single page.)

    More reasons why Pokerati > Most Web Sites.

  12. Matt Waldron

    Hey Jen,

    I’m a Missouri transplant to Cali too. I’m pulling for him and can attest from my time at the tables with the guy in the 3-5 NLHE tables at Harrah’s that he is a class act and a solid player.