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  • RIP PokerPages

    01 Oct 2009

    What has been a well-respected staple and in the poker media for years is now among the outlets that have bitten the dust. PokerPages announced today that it will officially close up shop on October 31, 2009. The Closing of by PokerPages Managment It is with sadness and regret that we must announce that […]

  • WSOP Europe Main Event Final: Exciting Lineup, Sloooow Action

    01 Oct 2009

    The main event of WSOP Europe is underway now, with a super exciting final table of poker stars. These were the starting chip counts when they took their seats: Seat 1: Barry Shulman (1,090,000) Seat 2: Jason Mercier (3,198,000) Seat 3: Praz Bansi (1,160,000) Seat 4: Markus Ristola (784,000) Seat 5: Chris Bjorin (518,000) Seat […]

  • RE: Pitbull Poker Shuts Down, Owner(s) Arrested in Costa Rica

    30 Sep 2009

    According to this Bluff Latino America piece, there were some arrests made when the night shift employees grew suspicious and asked the police to stop it. According to, now former employees of Pitbull Gaming, the owners decided to tell the night shift that they were going to make maintenance to the building. The night shift […]

  • RIP Bob Stupak (1942-2009)

    25 Sep 2009

    Las Vegas businessman, poker player, and one-time candidate for Lt. Governor of Nevada, Bob Stupak died today in Las Vegas of leukemia. He was 67-years old. KVBC of Las Vegas printed the news release: BOB STUPAK, LONG-TIME LAS VEGAN, DEVELOPER OF THE STRATOSPHERE, PASSES AWAY AT 67 LAS VEGAS – Bob Stupak, who is best […]

  • Senator Proposes Online Gambling Regulation
    to Offset Health Care Costs

    Could Frank bill become Baucus bill amendment?

    22 Sep 2009

    The idea of using online gaming tax revenues to help fund elements of health care reform became part of the Congressional conversation this weekend. On Saturday, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduced a possible amendment to the Baucus bill (America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009) that would rely on the passage of Rep. Barney Frank’s HR […]

  • Joe Sebok Joins UltimateBet as Media & Operations Consultant

    Seeks to Release Scandal Hand Histories & Cheater Names

    21 Sep 2009

    Didn’t really see this one coming, but Joe Sebok explained in great detail why he made the decision to join the UltimateBet team. His latest blog post on PokerRoad starts with his skepticism about joining UB when he was asked on previous occasions, and it ends with the reasons he not only agreed to be […]

  • Advice to Congresswomen Opposing Online Poker Bills: Man Up?

    16 Sep 2009

    Nolan Dalla’s latest article on Poker News Daily has a point. Much of the focus is on the men who helped pass the UIGEA, giving little attention to the powerful women in Congress who now oppose our attempts to pass reasonable online poker regulation bills. No argument on that, but when he cites the female […]

  • Jason Newitt Sues Full Tilt, Lederer, et al.

    Another Ex-FTP Employee Suits Up

    14 Sep 2009

    The Full Tilt Poker legal team is busy. On the heels of the presumably still-unresolved Clonie Gowen $40 million lawsuit, another case was filed in the Nevada court system on September 11, 2009. This is the only information available thus far: Jason Newitt v. Tiltware; Full Tilt Poker; Pocket Kings Ltd.; Pocket Kings Consulting Ltd.; […]

  • Kentucky Domain Case Goes to State Supreme Court

    13 Sep 2009

    Mark it on your calendars (or just check back here) around October 22. The case of the Governor Beshear and the Commonwealth of Kentucky trying to claim the ability to seize 141 online gaming domains, or “gambling devices” as they were called, to keep them from accessing Kentucky residents will see the halls of the […]

  • WSOP Memories: Negreanu & Boeree Dance-Off

    13 Sep 2009

    Evidently, something happened at this summer’s big PokerStars bash besides Nelly’s performance. (Say what?) Someone shot a video of a dance-off between Daniel Negreanu and Liv Boeree…and a few others who wanted to couldn’t help themselves. As @RealKidPoker tweeted the other day, “PokerStars party, alcohol, and Liv Boeree= embarrassing moments caught on youtube!” (Advice: Turn […]